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CryptoGuppy: I'm getting to old for this kind of crap.
_Rrrrr: @Valdez_Santiago, he is a zombie
_Rrrrr: by now
Valdez_Santiago: @_Rrrrr, Morning rrrrr
advisor: Nice!
CryptoGuppy: No, I got up really late yesterday, so it's actually not that bad
advisor: This is a great day for XMG
_Rrrrr: @Valdez_Santiago, mornin mr V
Valdez_Santiago: @_Rrrrr, I got my PND yesterday at 1 sat 40 mil filled. I may of told you yesterday but I had been drinking
_Rrrrr: @Valdez_Santiago, you told me that V.. your planning to sell that ever or what ?
advisor: March 6, 12:00 PM Friday noon EST time.
advisor: launch Magi (XMG) SAPG
Valdez_Santiago: @_Rrrrr, I'll see where it goes, its a safe investment as I can always sell inot the 23 btc wall on trex and get my money back
advisor: XMG on page 1 Bittrex
Evil: hmm
Evil: I like this coin
Evil: maybe I'll buy some
Evil: saw there is magypay system is going to launch soon
Evil: ?
advisor: 6 march
advisor: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=735170.msg10618529#msg10618529
Evil: LoL this thread is huge ?
advisor: yea
advisor: its the fair and unique coin of the future
advisor: only thing is not everybody knows that
Evil: I'll buy some
advisor: better buy now than later
advisor: never said that before but its really like bill gates said
advisor: btc alone is not good enough Magi will join and make the digital currency big again
Evil: there is no cheap XMG
Evil: I buyed them
Evil: going to trex to buy some
Evil: here is no cheap XMG I mean
advisor: yea maybe price will go up to 0.1!
advisor: lol
advisor: ok first 0.0001 than higher!
Valdez_Santiago: Is this the members area of boring klub?
advisor ignored by BoyHowdy
CryptoGuppy: Yup
Evil ignored by BoyHowdy
advisor: LOL BoyHowdy i was just making some fun don't be mad that quick
PowerHemp: he dont saw your message now ;)
advisor: @PowerHemp, oh ok
Cryptoe: hey all
BoyHowdy: Howdy
BoyHowdy stopped ignoring Evil
BoyHowdy stopped ignoring advisor
djds: Any good buys this week? XMG?
Valdez_Santiago: HEY
BoyHowdy: @advisor, mad? naw bro, you guys were cluttering up the troll box with that song and dance
CryptoGuppy: Did seem pretty well choreographed though.
BoyHowdy: lol
Valdez_Santiago: Like firedancers on a moonlit beach
CryptoGuppy: You poet, you!
CryptoGuppy: Ok, now I want a vacation....
CryptoGuppy: With moonlit beaches and firedancers and such.
BoyHowdy: what beach would that be?
Valdez_Santiago: Drinking ice cold daiquiris served by mini skirt wearing Hawaiian beauty queens
CryptoGuppy: *sighs*
CryptoGuppy: I have very fond memories of beaches in Tunesia.
BoyHowdy: I once found a liquid fuel rocket engine on a beach
Valdez_Santiago: Drunken sluts everywhere with no morals just waiting to be, well you know
CryptoGuppy: Gives a whole new spin to firedancing...
CryptoGuppy: Pretty good memories of Spain too, now that you mention it
hashman2: sounds like great morals to me
PowerHemp: uci will dump hard..
Valdez_Santiago: @CryptoGuppy, Aaaahhh the memories, the memories
advisor: @BoyHowdy, will not do that again
andre1: What are we buying today?
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago, Aaahhh the pictures, the pictures...
advisor: @BoyHowdy, i was just shocked when i woke up and saw XMG on page 1 bittrex
Valdez_Santiago: @CryptoGuppy, Are you familiar with Scheveningen?
advisor: @Valdez_Santiago, iám
CryptoGuppy: Hey andre1! Anything cheap, I would say.
BoyHowdy: @advisor, when I wake up I am shocked that I woke up at all
Valdez_Santiago: @andre1, Hi
andre1: @CryptoGuppy, Hehe like 9/11 bought for 1 sat few days back and sold for 4 and 5 sat overnight, rinse and repeat
andre1: @Valdez_Santiago, Hi how are you
Valdez_Santiago: I'm very good today thanks
Valdez_Santiago: Well rested
advisor: @Valdez_Santiago, were are you from?
Valdez_Santiago: @advisor, England
advisor: @Valdez_Santiago, Nice iám from the Netherlands
advisor: Thats why i know Scheveningen
Valdez_Santiago: @advisor, I guessed so. Guppy is cloggy too
advisor: cloggy?
Valdez_Santiago: @advisor, I went there on a football tour once
Valdez_Santiago: @advisor, English slang for Dutch
CryptoGuppy: cloggy = klompig
andre1: Where is DarkSlash? What happened to Kobo,
advisor: @Valdez_Santiago, lol ok nice
BoyHowdy: sabot
Valdez_Santiago: @advisor, What are we called?
CryptoGuppy: @andre1, I was thinking the exact same thing!
advisor: klompig haha
Boniggy: whats slang for american?
BoyHowdy: yank
advisor: How do we call the English people
andre1: @CryptoGuppy, (:
Valdez_Santiago: Septic
BoyHowdy: gringo
Boniggy: hmm i just dont see yank as a derogatory term.
Boniggy: i guess it depends on the context
CryptoGuppy: I don't think we have a name for brits. Most of our derogatory names are reserved for the germans
Valdez_Santiago: The French call us English Le beouf roast beef
TimmmyD: ausies call brits poms
BoyHowdy: the beef roast beef?
Valdez_Santiago: @BoyHowdy, We eat roast beef
CryptoGuppy: Yeah, you know the french....
zanmato: over here, we call aussies half-sheep ;)
zanmato: and "people who can't beat us at sports" ;P
TimmmyD: lol why half and not full sheep
zanmato: other half is human?
zanmato: or australian, but close enough
zanmato: :P
andre1: @Valdez_Santiago, In the Boerewar they called Brits Khaki's
CryptoGuppy: I actually can't think of a name we use for brits or yanks. Probably some left over gratitude from WW2
TimmmyD: calling an aussie a newzealander usally works
Valdez_Santiago: @andre1, I like that
TimmmyD: khakis is good ill take tht
andre1: @Valdez_Santiago,
TimmmyD: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_names_for_the_British
andre1: @Valdez_Santiago, Initially in Boerewar the Brits wore red uniforms, after a while they figured out they are easy targets to shoot at, you could see them miles away
stabycroc;_)>: @zanmato, the other 1/2 of the sheep must be kiwi, the side that still has the velcro glows on it.
CryptoGuppy: Staby
stabycroc;_)>: :_0
Valdez_Santiago: There is this kiwi coin https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/1346
Valdez_Santiago: I have some of this coin does any body else?
stabycroc;_)>: @Valdez_Santiago, the icon of the coin have velcro gloves?
Valdez_Santiago: @stabycroc;_)>, Please explain the velcro gloves reference
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