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MasterChang: hidden ICO
MasterChang: icash is actually centralized
MasterChang: not decentralized as it claims
chesthing: @TimC, bitz looks like it's on a stairway to hell
chesthing: hell = 1 sat
TimC: it's ok. If I win 1 out of 10 I'm hapy
TimC: I've hit a couple of coins BIG so a few long shot gambles don't hurt
Mick Ghee: @TimC, yea thats the best advice ive ever heard
MasterChang: someone please dump me your icash
MasterChang: its such a scam
Mick Ghee: that and only you can make it happen
chesthing: @TimC, good luck, the name bitz is almost as bad as zirk - almost.
Mick Ghee: way worse han PAYCON 4tw
TimC: well,I'm not deep in bitz. just what I mined. zirk yuck!
Mick Ghee: thats two words people hate mashed together the wrong way
chesthing: zerk fittings comes to mind, yeah not good
Sicarious: you guys see bitcrystal? that was weird, Bittrex added it directly from yobit
anonmooose: I have not been mining electricity is too expensive.
Sicarious: wonder if something is up with it, seemed rather random imo
Mick Ghee: yea and it went straight down
TimC: @anonmooose, Winter time is the time to mine. heats the house. lol
Mick Ghee: i guess thats what happens when the dev got all the coins huh
chesthing: @Sicarious, it was the ipo from hell that sold for 200 sats supposedly dev bought most of them and has been dumping the sht out of them since
Sicarious: lol, hilarious
Colette: Hi to all my name colette
Sicarious: i wonder why Bittrex added it
Colette: ----------------
Mick Ghee: i know why didnt
chesthing: @Sicarious, cause the dev paid trex the 3 btc bribe
Mick Ghee: come here
chesthing: but it backfired when noone bought the sht
chesthing: next case?
anonmooose: Im thinking cloud hashing is a good idea.
anonmooose: Yes mining in winter is best.
Mick Ghee: scrypt.cc
anonmooose: Maybe the future is smart hashing. Like radiant floors with ASIC's
Mick Ghee: liquidcooled
Mick Ghee: \innovation goes a long way
anonmooose: oil submersion in oil for diesel trucks in the winter.
TimC: @Mick Ghee, to warm up water in the summer and heat the house in winter
Mick Ghee: good idea
Mick Ghee: like a reverse swamp cooler
Mick Ghee: a swampheater
Mick Ghee: better yet the Bitcycler
Mick Ghee: bitcoin and recycle
Mick Ghee: people are so stupid they will thing it puts power back into the grid
Mick Ghee: think
Mick Ghee: especially in the midwest
MasterChang: i like mooses
Sicarious: if you guys like $U and want to see it's volume expand on more markets, you should retweet this
Sicarious: https://twitter.com/Sicarious_/status/581313341680832512
Mick Ghee: we should have an ico to raise the money
Mick Ghee: but you know say you will get them in 4days and u get them in 6 months long after you sold the miner you got them made for
Mick Ghee: which is good because they wont work
MagUra: RTed
Sicarious: teamwork! making crypto a better place.
chesthing: When bitcrystal came out I took a peak and said F this. When Gridpay came out it was an even more obvious HELL NO. Funny thing is Gridpay may be the biggest roi in crypto history. Things that make you go hmmmm
darkslash: icash
MasterChang: icash has double ICO
MasterChang: and its centralized
Mick Ghee: u know what one was really good
Sicarious: nxt
MasterChang: what the F is gridpay, and why does it have $11 volume
Mick Ghee: hashprofithash
Sicarious: hmmm, icash has no trade history.
Mick Ghee: they got me boy
MasterChang: icash has a serious dev
Mick Ghee: boy it looked so good they had everything looking and sounding right
Mick Ghee: thats the first time i really got got
Sicarious: anybody remember $USE?
Sicarious: that was a sad one
Sicarious: i bought their lies hook line and sinker
Mick Ghee: oh it hurts too
Mick Ghee: man thats why i dig very deep on something that asks for money
Sicarious: i even had like 3btc of buy support up
Mick Ghee: and even then u still can get burned
Mick Ghee: but nothing hurts worse than a missed passage on apollo 11
Mick Ghee: so buy buy buy buy
Mick Ghee: just say * it you only live once
Mick Ghee: it could be the next drk coin
Mick Ghee: or lite coin or whatever you want to believe
chesthing: I think Bitz and Zirk should merge and be called berzerk
Mick Ghee: buy em all it dosent matter somewhere there is a bigger sucker than you
chesthing: cause that's what you
chesthing: have to be to buy either of these shts
Mick Ghee: just buy everything
Mick Ghee: @chesthing, come on .....buy
Sicarious: great advice, mick ghee
chesthing stopped ignoring Mick Ghee
Mick Ghee: ask anyone they will tell you NOW is the time to buy
Mick Ghee: you buy now! DIS NOT RIBRARRY. you always come in here u touch my stuff but you no buy
chesthing: @Mick Ghee, how much you figure the girdpay dev made on his runup? after expenses...
Mick Ghee: no way of telling i hear he hired a professional team
Mick Ghee: they cost
chesthing: @Mick Ghee, cost of the pump + trex + team, I wonder if he even made money
Mick Ghee: the team pumps it too
Mick Ghee: all that is one package
Mick Ghee: o im sure he did
Sicarious: hm... a big sell on $U. looks like someone is walling us
Sicarious: they will regret it soon
Mick Ghee: nope
MagUra: big ?
MagUra: haha
Mick Ghee: there are groups out there that know how to pick the good coins
Mick Ghee: you cant hire those people
Sicarious: aye, but you can befriend them.
Mick Ghee: aye matey
Sicarious: wasn't a coincidence that I bought $FLO at the equivalent of 70 sats on cryptsy
Mick Ghee: flo i used to trade that
Sicarious: lol, I bought my first $FLO a couple weeks ago
Sicarious: sold for a x7 within a week
Mick Ghee: Franko showed me how to play cryptsy
Sicarious: I reentered at 300, actually.
Mick Ghee: i still hold coins he gave me
Sicarious: good. april's going to be a good month for flo, i expect
Mick Ghee: that coin is lways good up and down just watch the walls
Sicarious: so what's the word on Crave?
Sicarious: i sadly missed the first pump\
Sicarious: was too busy shorting EURUSD
Mick Ghee: i thought it would take forever to get to 30 k
Mick Ghee: \its obviously been bought up so i really cant say what will happen
Mick Ghee: im still holding a good chunk but my buys are low 20's
Mick Ghee: cause i feel like it might have an accordian phase
Mick Ghee: but thats purely instinct and speculation
Sicarious: I heard whispers that 100k was a target for the floor
Sicarious: but still don't own any
Sicarious: just watching it for a bit
Mick Ghee: they like to shake em out as hard as they can so a low buy might get filled yet i hope
Sicarious ignored by Colette
chesthing ignored by Colette
Mick Ghee: but i held for 30 k and sold off a few k so now im in the black and playing with house money
MasterChang ignored by Colette
Mick Ghee: which is where u want to be before you start to gamble
chesthing: @Mick Ghee, holding geo?
Mick Ghee: i lost 4k tho i meant to put at 19k and put 1900 and hit confirm,
Mick Ghee: and hey sold for 9 k
Mick Ghee:
Mick Ghee: i had to buy them back at 15
Mick Ghee: @chesthing, not any more sold too early
Mick Ghee: holding quit like it was made out of a girl
Mick Ghee: dag they bought my u
Mick Ghee: see i just try to double and dont think they will go up so fast
Mick Ghee: and boom i wanted to hold em till bittrex maybe?
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