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CryptoGuppy: @Support, Looks good to me
acad14n: columns are a bit too close together
lestherat: yeahh is hard to read the information
Koontas: @Support, you should make the column headers static
Support: @acad14n, what pair are You at?
Support: If we want that column we need font size smaller. No other choice
Support: @Koontas, no because different pairs require more or less on diff columns
4xrant: had to hit F5, looks great
Koontas: @Support, just make the entire site responsive...that'll solve all your problems.
Support: @Koontas, isn't it responsive?
Support: So we do need that cumulative column right?
acad14n: @Support, i pressed F5 and it looks better now
Colette: hi
Support: @Colette, hi
Koontas: @Support, I mean responsive design, where everything adjusts based on the resizing of the window. It's the new rage.
CryptoGuppy: @Support, I think the cumulative column is great!
Support: @CryptoGuppy, thanks
lestherat: yeahh looks fine now
lestherat: @Support,
Support: But I compared to other exchanges and found it is not too small
Xtal: Can't cancel order!
uki: @Support, thanks for adding total column. VEry good idea!
uki: @Support, I like the new interface. Very useful total column. Thanks!
Support: Thanks. My afraid was about smaller font size.
Xtal: can't cancel order!!!
Support: @Xtal, F5
Support: @uki, Thanks
Colette: @Support, the book is more small this is correct?
uki: @Support, yes it looks a bit weird at first glance. But I suppose, I was used to the old format.
Support: @Colette, font size smaller. Amount of lines increased to 100 (it was 50)
CryptoWorld: @Support, http://postimg.org/image/dn4lz8075/
Support: Meant amount of max lines
CryptoWorld: Is that normal?
Support: @CryptoWorld, CTRL+F5
Support: @CryptoWorld, hard reload css
Colette: ok thank you
HomeBuddy: wtf font
CryptoWorld: Ctrl+Shift+R
HomeBuddy: damn, my 32" monitor needs zoom. )
CryptoWorld: @Support, or Cmd+Shift+R on OS X, thanks!
Support: @CryptoWorld, right
Paycum: risk i starting to do great!
Paycum: look great i mean
RaSta-Far-Eye: I like the smaller font
poke_smot: @support You are requested in the vanillacoin IRC by the dev
poke_smot: ty
BigBlox$TR: vanilla ice coin!
Support: @poke_smot, thanks, will come in minutes
Colette: Maybe is little bit to small
Colette: Its thug for my eyes
Support: yes, this is what required to add one more column
Colette: cool
你们这些傻逼接盘侠: 傻逼们
你们这些傻逼接盘侠: 你们这群傻逼
domi: @你们这些傻逼接盘侠, 使用英语
BoyHowdy: he can't speak english
domi: 或者禁止
domi stopped ignoring btcvip
cah Lontong: cang cimen , no kuaci , haya
googs: @Support, thumbs up w/totals
jackstraw: i thought jewels was listed here? thats what the ann says
BoyHowdy: it is on the vote list
jackstraw: ah well *, thanks man
你们这些傻逼接盘侠 ignored by gnarlysheen
Support: @googs, thanks
pints: RISK is hitting the mainstream. time to buy
你们这些傻逼接盘侠 ignored by diashnhh
proctologic: What you guys think about QUIT
你们这些傻逼接盘侠 ignored by proctologic
proctologic: https://c-cex.com/?p=quit-btc
cabul: please add and vote jewel coin
ATRO : maryj
ATRO : maryj
Paycum: pints you have a lot of risk?
pints: half of my ICO, I sell the half coz I dont have money in my pocket, so I am waiting to 200k sats/risk
pints: you want to give me some paycum?
Paycum: ah ok good luck, im investing in it as well
Paycum: hehe i dont have that many
Paycum: im a poor guy as well..
Paycum: but managed to catch a nice amount at 12k/17k
Paycum: and also bought some during ico
Paycum: so 20k is my break even point
pints: but you have a nice profit in xpy yesterday
pints: give me some
Paycum: yeah about 14 btc in 15 minutes lol
Paycum: but trust me i have had a lot of losses so it was time i had some luck
pints: hehe even a little amount you didnt give me?
pints: I followed you in btctalk
Paycum: hehe nothing is for free in this world
Paycum: ah ok which topics?
Aidy2: @ATRO , Love Maryj
Paycum: you are named pints there as well ?
Paycum: but trust me im not worth following...i like taking risks and those do not turn out well all the time
Paycum: sometimes they do to...i do it for the kick
Paycum: to = though
pints: in Bitstake p&d, but I have a lots of that
pints: brb
Paycum: ah ok, yeah im following that as well
pints: thanks paycum
Paycum: cheers
Paycum: have not bought bitstake yet though...although i love taking risk...im not convinced yet if its trustworthy
Paycum: i hope you didnt buy that smac ico...that seems to be a bad investment...i have more trust in risk but even that probably is a huge risk...sometimes i get a bit too greedy and want to big profits...
Paycum: i try to invest in more reliable coins and then risk some small btc in risky stuff...just to have some fun as i love watching the markets and daytrading
Paycum: im off to bed now...cheers
chesthing: mtr not looking great right now, but if it starts to go up gl finding coins. Sleeping giant.
SecretsOfCrypto: woah I can barely read the buy/sell orders anymore
SecretsOfCrypto: oh nevermind, just refreshed
xkdxdavis10: ILT rising fast
SecretsOfCrypto: cool, smaller font
Vindyne8: font is too small now
Vindyne8: any way to adjust it back to normal font?
Colette: Net. hashrate: , nice addition
Aidy2 ignored by Colette
jackstraw ignored by Colette
xkdxdavis10 ignored by Colette
freedomsr40: is support here?
Kleenex: yes, whatsup?
GreatOrchid: you guys have cams and are ready for video chat?
GreatOrchid: wont cost your first born
GreatOrchid: im starting hangout for crypto live on youtube
GreatOrchid: nuthin really im mining amber and geo
GreatOrchid: i like drk
GreatOrchid: ≧◉◡◉≦
Colette: Very very high ≧◉◡◉≦
GreatOrchid: i will have other traders in the live chatroom
GreatOrchid: looks like gig has some activity since blockchan update
GreatOrchid: i dont encourage anyone to buy any coin though
GreatOrchid: no one wants to hear that crap
GreatOrchid: we did have female backside nekkid ness
GreatOrchid: some girl from south africa was accident she said
GreatOrchid: i said its ok
GreatOrchid: lol
Canshine: yucky font.. ouch
SecretsOfCrypto: I'd like to dedicate this video to c-cex users https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIasr2AiyZ0
Colette: Dogecoin crash really hard now
Colette: 40-45 satoshi coming
sayorala: xco to the moon
SeanJuan: risk looks good
HorustheSun: Anyoene wanna join a hangout
Ruffy: quit is moveing, hope anybody heared my words ;) first picks from the vendorsite are online, site should full on today or tomorrow...
ATRO : maryj
Colette: DRK ready for sky rocket
Colette: go darkcoin
Mijoie: Quit on the move after the news
Mijoie: Quit site to go live in less than 24 hours, buy now and make some before it rockets
cah Lontong: @HorustheSun, im join
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