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_Rrrrr: @stabycroc;_)>, does ccex has a irc??
_Rrrrr: @stabycroc;_)>, u have been drinking too much coffee..?
stabycroc;_)>: @_Rrrrr, look at the tweet below
cyberpinoy: @stabycroc;_)>, thank you however the problem still persists.
stabycroc;_)>: @_Rrrrr, nah no green today :_)-'
cyberpinoy: the ILT blockchain tweet??
cyberpinoy: @_Rrrrr, I saw somewhere it said they have an IRC now, but it sisnt say what the linky was
cyberpinoy: didnt*
stabycroc;_)>: -cex-exchange channel created on freenode. Everybody welcome!
stabycroc;_)>: u mob are blind lol
_Rrrrr: @stabycroc;_)>, TY since you were asking for it
stabycroc;_)>: @_Rrrrr, lol wasnt u i was trolling for the ty, they camee to the table in the end :_)>
_Rrrrr: @stabycroc;_)>, lol
stabycroc;_)>: now di u both see the tweet about ccex freenode channel?
_Rrrrr: @stabycroc;_)>, i did see it.. yep
_Rrrrr: @stabycroc;_)>, thats something new then.
stabycroc;_)>: and might help ur m8 in distress find who he is looking 4
stabycroc;_)>: personaly i think he needs a bong to relax and the karma will clear the way of his troubles
stabycroc;_)>: ;_)-'
_Rrrrr: @stabycroc;_)>, im on ccex irc
DEA: Is pumper_ryan adding WOC coins?
stabycroc;_)>: @_Rrrrr, tell em staby wants his nick troll icon :_)>
cyberpinoy: No I do not have an agreement with C-Cex, i buy more because my business forcces me to buy a lot of coins every day. I only buy 1 coin here , thank goodness, i would hate to ahve 3 wallets investments locked up for 2 days, but on average we are buying larger amounts of coins every single day than the average trader (on those specific markets of course)
stabycroc;_)>: @DEA, no idea and wat coins?
_Rrrrr: @stabycroc;_)>, ill be back (soon) afk
stabycroc;_)>: @_Rrrrr, kk
DEA: @stabycroc;_)>, WOC
stabycroc;_)>: @cyberpinoy, did u jump on irc channel? and pimp wallet in matenance for all of us, i do feel ur pain dw :_)
cyberpinoy: we made a couple small buys here and withdraws, then this was our first larger purchase of this coin to again test its capabilities, and so far they are failing on every aspect of this situation, non response of any kind on a submitted ticket, no update on the wallet at all , the wallet is a version behind the current version. Not very good
stabycroc;_)>: @cyberpinoy, wallet was fine 2 days ago, like i said there not all awake wen we are.....i feel ya pain but advise not going off to hard at them ( ive been there done that ) its usaly something out of there control ( not always but usaly )
cyberpinoy: and like I said if this was aq personal wallet issue, no problem, I am much more calm and expect much less, I have coins on cryptsy on a personal wallet that have been stuck for 13 days LOL so things like this can be normal, but when its my investors money on the line I refuse to wait 13 days for action.
cyberpinoy: that wallet on cryptsy is a STR wallet
stabycroc;_)>: @cyberpinoy, u tried sncy darkkush wallet lol?
stabycroc;_)>: works wen it wants to work say every 10-15 days then unscnys itsslef lol
stabycroc;_)>: @cyberpinoy, i agree with ya, but like Rrr said try to stres alil less, explain to ur investors wat is going on and is out of ur control and that u will make efforts to make sure it wont happrn agian, eg after u have fridny 1on1 with grid or other admin to work thinngs out so that it dosent happern agian or that u get notice about the issue due to ur buying power ( im sure they get a nice cut of ur big buys
cyberpinoy: @stabycroc;_)>, I can also understand your point but communication never hurt anyone and takes very little time, I have my own daemon wallets, server qt wallets, so i understand what is involved in doing updates and how bothersome fork updates can be, however this is not an update issue, It does not take 24 hours to update a wallet, especially if there is no fork involved.
flatulentBTC: mod man when is pimpcash going to be up and running i need to dump on it
stabycroc;_)>: and like i said u most likly have more chance getting admins on freedoe than in this troll box.... i dont us the irc but its usaly the case
stabycroc;_)>: @flatulentBTC, no mods on aatm or there hidding in shadows scared of cyberpinoy lol
andre1: Hi
cryptojoe: ho
stabycroc;_)>: @andre1, Whos are u ?! :_)> sup
cyberpinoy: @stabycroc;_)>, we have not put a lot of purchasing power on this site yet we were still testing its functionality and problem assesstment, usually during the tests of new exchanges we dont deal wiht a problem, so its nice to ahve one during the test. as far as the investors, we are a brand new site, a brand new form of cloud mining, so right now expalining any problem to our investors is nothing they want to hear, i amalready under fire by a lot of people begging for a reason to discredit our service.
stabycroc;_)>: @cyberpinoy, ya and if u want to have smooth sailing here talk to grid he is boss im sure and gets things done or banned ( staby troll box ban lol )
andre1: @stabycroc;_)>, Hi, I troll looking to buy coins
stabycroc;_)>: @andre1, no coins here m8, this is a escort site :_)>
andre1: @stabycroc;_)>, can I pay with xxx or wankcoin
crzybilly: nope only tittie
stabycroc;_)>: @andre1, comon Flirt all the way :_)> i got 2mil of em lol
andre1: @crzybilly, I don't have that one
stabycroc;_)>: i seen "anal coin" on ispace, farming that would stink up my miners :_0
stabycroc;_)>: @andre1, titie is a cheap version of titcoin
andre1: @stabycroc;_)>, I am just glad the dev of ilt is back and fix will be soon took big gamble and bought loads of it yesterday.
andre1: @stabycroc;_)>, lol
flatulentBTC: bittrex buying icash before they add it
stabycroc;_)>: @andre1, u and Rrrr will do well then, im still rolling in my 5k ucoin i got at 32 sat :_)>
cyberpinoy: I have just not bought PimnpCash where as my plan was to be buying pimpcash and catching it up with our other staking wallets. I was hoping to get all the wallets staking the same amount of income every day.
andre1: @stabycroc;_)>, congrats very good buy, I missed that one
andre1: @cyberpinoy, You know PimpCash wallet is in maintenance for a while now you cannot transfer any coins I think
stabycroc;_)>: @cyberpinoy, sounds like ur growing and learning atm just like all crypto, talk and work togetha u will get futher and make the hard times worth it :_)
cyberpinoy: theres always Bleutrade, I just am not comfortable wiht large amounts of BTC on uncommon exchanges, for reasons like what is happening here on C-CEX
andre1: @cyberpinoy, Much better to stake SLFI
stabycroc;_)>: @andre1, ive just calmed him down ur going to get him stressed agian :_( lol
crzybilly: I got 500 free giftcardcoin that i'm staking
stabycroc;_)>: @crzybilly, gratz
cyberpinoy: The other 2 coins we use we buy on cryptsy, actually a lot of what we do is on cryptsy, the coins we sell thatv we mine wiht our hardware, we sell on cryptsy, and buy the staking coins we use.
cyberpinoy: @crzybilly, what is giftcardcoin
stabycroc;_)>: any1 here have any pac coin?
cyberpinoy: @crzybilly, is the staking maturity good and the staing percent nice??
andre1: @stabycroc;_)>, ouch
andre1: @cyberpinoy, Got some GiftCardCoin very cheap hope it take off
cyberpinoy: @andre1, What is SLFI, but Pimpcash will not be removed from our site, however additinal coins may be added in the future. PimpCash devs have really gone out of thier way for us, so they are here to stay
andre1: @cyberpinoy, SLFI is a big staking coin can buy on Yobit, my wallet always open, I will find link
cyberpinoy: The same goes for the Netcoin, Netcoin and PimpCash will be a coin on StakeMiners.com for a long time if not forever
crzybilly: they renamed to giftnet now not giftcardcoin anymore
andre1: @cyberpinoy, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=977167.0
cyberpinoy: @andre1, im checking the thread
andre1: Yesterday Unrealcoin launched mined some so hope it is good
cyberpinoy: Just at first look I dont trust the coin long term
stabycroc;_)>: @cyberpinoy, why dosne netcoin fin stake in wallet or how dose its pos work?
cyberpinoy: it would fail our entrance test
_Rrrrr: im back..
_Rrrrr: you missed me? probs not.
_Rrrrr: *prob
andre1: @_Rrrrr,
cyberpinoy: 2016% yearly to high for sustainability, 30 Block maturity to small for sustainability. They would ahve to contact me directly to be added it would not pass out tests to be added without developer input
_Rrrrr: i think that ccex you always have one support geezer on ccex irc channel
_Rrrrr: *should have
cyberpinoy: 30 minute maturity is way to low for anything more than apumnp and dump in our opinion
andre1: @cyberpinoy, you talk about SLFI
_Rrrrr: @andre1, andre..
cyberpinoy: @_Rrrrr, when i checked there was ony 3 people in there
cyberpinoy: @andre1, yes that BTT link you gave me
_Rrrrr: @cyberpinoy, im on irc.. im the onlyone. as always who is doing the talk.
cyberpinoy: A service like ours for a coin like that, hmmm yea would take developer input
cyberpinoy: @_Rrrrr, lol I am sorry sir
andre1: @cyberpinoy, what service do you have
_Rrrrr: @cyberpinoy, what kind of service are you involved in dude.
_Rrrrr: @andre1, you beat me.
cyberpinoy: @_Rrrrr, we own a multi coin cloud mining service that uses POS coins only
_Rrrrr: @cyberpinoy, igotspots has someting like that too you know him?
cyberpinoy: meaning you invest BTC or a few other coins of choice we exchange them and buy the POS coins we are using and add them to the walelts and you make daily earnings
cyberpinoy: I do not know him, what is his website
cyberpinoy: I am looking at his twitter now If its the real one HAHA
cyberpinoy: I dont se his website listed just the coins he is working with
cyberpinoy: snow balls was almosty added to our service then was down voted, thank goodness to because we would ahve lost a lot on that coin if we invested when we were talking about it
_Rrrrr: @cyberpinoy, http://gorillastake.com/
_Rrrrr: someone is killing zirk..
andre1: @_Rrrrr, Zirk is broken not suprised
_Rrrrr: @andre1, what do you mean by broken?
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