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PMI: i missed a cheap rig for suprnova - prices are crazy now
Valdez_Santiago: Funny thig is BPI launched had a difficulty of thousands then one week later difficulty of 0.1 and no dev. This looks a bit better with an interesting POS, that no one seems to know how works.
U-SarahPalin: orderbook is still so thin on U
1: and cyber already in empoex
Valdez_Santiago: @1, Yes no one has any confirmed coins yet on pools
Randy Marsh: @Valdez_Santiago, Confirmed 119.34945
Randy Marsh: lol 100
andre1: @1, lol guys paying 1.75 btc for rentals now with this huge hash, how do they do maths???
CryptoGuppy: You need to do maths to make a profit?! Ok, that's it, I'm out!
1: @andre1, people always go insase with these short pow launches
briansimmers: no $U on trex yet
briansimmers: ?
MagUra: still accumulation
MagUra: night guys
U-SarahPalin: sleep nice and sound with ur $U bags
U-SarahPalin: when we wake up tomorrow, it will be worth more than when we woke up again
MagUra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJUTwXSujv0
andre1: @1, gambling addiction, I must win, I must win lol
CryptoGuppy: @andre1, Seems more like road rage. I must get in front of that car, no matter what!
andre1: @1, I can understand maybe at start but now with this huge hash???
U-SarahPalin: $U will pump over 5k by this evening. dont believeme just watchh
andre1: @CryptoGuppy, Hope CyberCoin will be added here, would be fun
Valdez_Santiago: @andre1, Sent some coins to empo
CryptoGuppy: Damn, what happened to PIMP and NKA?
cryptojoe™: cybercoin pushed the damn price of scrypt through the roof
altnuts.com: FACTOM sale is now on! 250+ BTC in hrs https://www.koinify.com/?ref_id=3858#/sign-up
U-SarahPalin: lol why are you talking about any other coin aside from Ucoin?
U-SarahPalin: nothign else has any volume
altnuts.com ignored by CryptoGuppy
altnuts.com ignored by cryptojoe™
GreatOrchid: that guy should of been banned
cryptojoe™: he maybe yet
cryptojoe™: I dunno what links 2 as I never click
GreatOrchid: give warning and next time ban
GreatOrchid: please dont post lame referral links
altnuts.com ignored by andre1
midou14: any one now how to mine coins from https://www.altcoincalendar.info/profile
Boniggy: wow the U-BS is high here..
Valdez_Santiago: He's back
Boniggy: sounds like U-SaraPalin was paid to promote uCoin
U-SarahPalin: umm.... no i think its a great coin thats all
samada: maybe nicehash alterego's create these coins
samada: last block suprnova 12 minutes ago. Pretty expensive minutes.
Mick Ghee: looks like u puttered out and stalled
U-SarahPalin: Ghee. you know what it needs. that one single announcemtn
BigBlox$TR: @Boniggy, +1
Mick Ghee: what announcement
SecretsOfCrypto: trex adding coin today or what?
CryptoGuppy: CC on yobit too.
U-SarahPalin: the announcement that bittrex is adding Ucoin/Btc trading markets, duh!
Valdez_Santiago: @CryptoGuppy, You been asleep?
briansimmers: yobit just added cybercoin any good ?
CryptoGuppy: This afternoon
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago, But why you ask?
Valdez_Santiago: @CryptoGuppy, You late to the party
CryptoGuppy: Ah, ok. Yup, that's me.
CryptoGuppy: I'll just have a drink and some crisps and shut up
Valdez_Santiago: How fast is that CC coin? It's a rocket
briansimmers: picked up some Cybercoin ...lets see how it goes
midou14: how to mine CC please
shityfug: take your amber now, it´s not the time for *moves, simply get your amber
shityfug: bltchmoves
U-SarahPalin: Ucoin steady uptrend
U-SarahPalin: love it
midou14: i need help to mine some cybercoin what can i do?
briansimmers: o picked up 70 k Cybercoin lets see what happens
Valdez_Santiago: @briansimmers, Thanks pitcoin
CryptoGuppy: Brad?
CryptoGuppy: Brad Pitcoin?
briansimmers: no prob bob lol
Valdez_Santiago: Big bad Brad
briansimmers: whos brad ? lol
Valdez_Santiago: married to Angelina
cryptojoe™: toomeatyou
Valdez_Santiago: Chuckle brothers
cryptojoe™: more of brad tomeatyou
cryptojoe™: or to you to me
cryptojoe™: lol
Valdez_Santiago: You say to meet you I say to mate you
cryptojoe™: it in chicken flied lice slang
Valdez_Santiago: KFC Titn mining chikun
U-SarahPalin: Ucoin break 20 btc volume today? almost
Valdez_Santiago: Chicken quack quack
cryptojoe™: cybercoin the new coin now :P
Valdez_Santiago: Cyber coin 1 trolls 0 Half time score
briansimmers: grab that Cybercoin lol
midou14: @briansimmers, how to mine the cybercoin
Valdez_Santiago: The experiment continues
Valdez_Santiago: I simply have to go to sleep
U-SarahPalin: the crazy thing is, there will never be more than 2.64 million Ucoins
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