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[2019-01-20 23:27:47] sami sami: if Ethg retrieved
[2019-01-20 21:56:18] sami sami: @Crypto_L, if EthG retrieved
[2019-01-20 21:11:49] i: Are You developer? Use our https://c-cex.com/?id=api to access advanced stats or automate Your trading!
[2019-01-20 20:07:22] withbest: How can i support for withdraw problem?
[2019-01-20 20:02:59] withbest: I want to withdraw WTHC
[2019-01-20 19:34:39] Crypto_L: May be Deleted ,Also dev not try to pump
[2019-01-20 19:33:49] Crypto_L: ETHG web site not open
[2019-01-20 15:56:50] Cryptonow: Withcoin wthc will delist today but Ccex can not sync the wallet, so nobody can not withdraw to their wallet. Need support from dev or exchange.
[2019-01-20 15:39:00] bessttt: Tom Lee said $ 10,000
[2019-01-20 15:37:13] itsme: write time to pts buy
[2019-01-20 15:35:45] bessttt: BTC soon 1100Usd
[2019-01-20 15:19:54] KAFI: BTC 2600USD
[2019-01-20 15:13:30] bessttt: BTC dump
[2019-01-20 15:11:45] i:
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[2019-01-20 15:01:10] sami sami: @Cryptonow, delist what to day please answer me
[2019-01-20 14:57:36] sami sami: @Cryptonow, how i can understand
[2019-01-20 14:51:42] i: Don't forget to use 2FA to maximize Your account security. To setup 2 factor authorization using Google authenticator, email - open Your https://c-cex.com/?id=profile
[2019-01-20 14:03:38] Cryptonow: Anyone can contact C-cex support to fix the wallet issue due to delist today . Many Thanks.
[2019-01-20 13:09:42] KAFI: PTS
[2019-01-20 11:41:47] i: You can change existing order easy: click on your order, then "Cancel" and all order setup fields will be filled with data from this order so You can resetup it fast.
[2019-01-20 09:38:02] withbest: My WYHC is still cant withdraw
[2019-01-20 09:37:29] withbest: Plz check the wallet issue
[2019-01-20 09:10:58] Cryptonow: Support & Dev team will not solve this, unless C-cex delay some days from delisting
[2019-01-20 09:03:25] Crypto_L: @Cryptonow, Yes,if support or dev not resolve wallet issue
[2019-01-20 08:59:58] Cryptonow: @Crypto_L, You mean we will lost all our WTHC ?
[2019-01-20 08:57:29] Crypto_L: @Cryptonow, check wallet status https://c-cex.com/?id=ws ,WTCH wallet out of sync.So.Witdraw not success
[2019-01-20 08:51:26] Cryptonow: @khanhpham, Can you withdraw WTHC ?
[2019-01-20 08:41:44] Cryptonow: Anybody can withdraw Wthc? C-cex withdraw error .
[2019-01-20 08:09:19] Crypto_L: PTS 4 sat slowly decrease
[2019-01-20 07:46:26] Crypto_L: PTS
[2019-01-20 07:33:46] ABBC changed nick to samche
[2019-01-20 06:31:41] i: Hint: "Markets overview" left pane has it's colums sortable. So You can see the most active markets if You sort them by "24h vol" column: https://c-cex.com/?id=&ic=showbtcusd.
[2019-01-20 05:01:40] i: Fill Your USD balance instantly with C-CEX codes available at http://www.xmlgold.eu - lot's of payment options, profitable fees.
[2019-01-20 03:31:42] i: Have you tried scanning our QR code with your webcam? You don't need to manually type in addresses and C-CEX codes anymore!
[2019-01-20 02:02:50] khanhpham: pls help
[2019-01-20 02:01:02] khanhpham: ERROR
[2019-01-20 01:59:56] khanhpham: i can not withdraw WTHC to my wallet
[2019-01-20 01:22:48] KAFI: This will be repeated
[2019-01-20 01:21:50] KAFI: Look at 23 Dec, PTS Pump 599 stshs
[2019-01-20 01:18:27] KAFI: Heavy Pump, guys
[2019-01-20 01:17:37] KAFI: PTS 40 stshs
[2019-01-19 23:15:10] Baby Shark: TOA
[2019-01-19 19:00:28] uno111: No. I will rather lose my UNO than sell it here At leats I have proof C-Cex delisted it without widthrawal process working.
[2019-01-19 18:57:37] Crypto_L: Soon good movements in PTS
[2019-01-19 18:57:13] sami sami: @Crypto_L, so my be retrieved?
[2019-01-19 18:54:52] Crypto_L: @sami sami, Dev try increase ETHG BTC volume
[2019-01-19 18:53:09] Crypto_L: @sami sami, No one here confirmed ,may be ,it's remove from delete list btcz of dev try to increase volume
[2019-01-19 18:49:26] sami sami: if any hope aboit athg to retrieve ???
[2019-01-19 18:49:00] sami sami: if ethg retrieved????
[2019-01-19 18:03:52] KAFI: PTS
[2019-01-19 17:28:34] Spidersbox: remember to get your Bitbar off of c-cex before the delisting
[2019-01-19 17:19:55] Crypto_L: @donski, I checked WTCH site,Its right information , Thanks Buddy
[2019-01-19 17:17:01] Crypto_L: @donski, Dry I couldn't check WTCH site,Thanks fr ur information
[2019-01-19 17:06:49] donski: @Crypto_L, wthc will delist, read announcement on site of dev
[2019-01-19 17:01:45] i: Have you tried the cool feature Nightmode: https://c-cex.com/?nm=1
[2019-01-19 16:58:35] Crypto_L: @donski, May be ,WTCH & ETHG remove from delete list
[2019-01-19 16:43:25] sajmit: fresh complaint from jammu kashmir against him .no chance to release him
[2019-01-19 15:56:03] donski: left 2 days, sell all coins delisted before too late
[2019-01-19 14:41:43] i: Wide screen? Click Markets overview: https://c-cex.com/?id=&ic=showbtcusd
[2019-01-19 13:57:31] KAFI:
[2019-01-19 13:11:45] ポコチンマン: How long will the account keep decreasing?
[2019-01-19 12:51:05] DIGITAL: court kah rhi hai dobara case karo warna nikal jayega
[2019-01-19 12:50:45] DIGITAL: supreme court me apil v kiya hai
[2019-01-19 12:50:10] DIGITAL: amit to nikalne wala hai jail se
[2019-01-19 12:49:56] DIGITAL: kua hoga
[2019-01-19 12:49:47] DIGITAL: koi hai jo mcap k bare me btaye
[2019-01-19 12:49:26] DIGITAL: helo
[2019-01-19 12:12:27] Dddd: Криптопия пока закрыта к сожалению. Там тоже сили денег, правда понты, я успел вывести до взлома. Остаток был там на расплод, 6 или 7 доларов..
[2019-01-19 12:11:19] Dddd: Сили 15$ и не извинений ничего!
[2019-01-19 12:10:49] Dddd: Какая х у й ня эта ваша биржа!
[2019-01-19 11:40:30] ABBC: At least that exchange support ticket was way better
[2019-01-19 11:40:07] ABBC: will this exchange becomes like cryptopia?
[2019-01-19 11:39:52] ABBC: their support ticket is full and i cant send again. So im stuck with my issur and not solve for 3 weeks now
[2019-01-19 11:39:09] ABBC: Sorry. Anyone know their email address?
[2019-01-19 11:35:28] Crypto_L: @ABBC, I am a trader like u
[2019-01-19 11:33:19] ABBC: @Crypto_L, hey do ccex has an official email to deal with user issue? My BTC is missing in my wallet and i am not able to withdraw everus token even trying 1,000 can you look into this? I’ve sent support ticket so many times but the reply was copy paste version which didnt not answer my question. Its been going for almost 3 weeks now please solve it asap
[2019-01-19 09:23:15] Nier: Forkcoin dump coin
[2019-01-19 09:04:52] 1: @Zedlav, I've been mining veil since launch, nice to have some pow action going on again
[2019-01-19 09:03:07] 1: @Zedlav, Damn, I hope they will get something done, but it's not looking good
[2019-01-19 08:35:35] Zedlav: @1, Not to worry eh? I just got back into the mining game and I'll have it back in about two years.
[2019-01-19 08:34:26] Zedlav: @1, I know what I had 0.9 BTC.
[2019-01-19 08:06:41] 1: @Zedlav, I can't remember what I had in topia so I'm not sure if actually lost anything of value
[2019-01-19 08:05:52] 1: @Zedlav, To you too, sir.
[2019-01-19 08:01:19] Zedlav: @1, Good day to you.
[2019-01-19 07:46:30] 1: @Zedlav,
[2019-01-19 07:27:25] Zedlav:
[2019-01-19 06:57:49] uno111: Admins, UNO withdrawal is not working ;-) You know it. Fix it. ;-)
[2019-01-19 05:33:56] 1: @G27..., rekt
[2019-01-19 05:22:10] G27...: Any information about cryptopia exchange?
[2019-01-19 05:19:56] G27...: Any information about cryptopia exchange.
[2019-01-19 03:21:54] i: Have you tried the cool feature Nightmode: https://c-cex.com/?nm=1
[2019-01-19 02:51:40] i: Have you tried the cool feature Nightmode: https://c-cex.com/?nm=1
[2019-01-19 00:11:39] i: Earn 5% of Your referrals using our partner program. Open https://c-cex.com/?id=profile to take Your referral link and banners.
[2019-01-19 00:01:41] i: Have you tried scanning our QR code with your webcam? You don't need to manually type in addresses and C-CEX codes anymore!
[2019-01-18 23:41:17] duri: Buyfork...buy fork...booommmmmm
[2019-01-18 19:36:33] KAFI: PTS
[2019-01-18 16:51:42] i: Do you need any help! Then contact our support department: https://c-cex.com/?id=support
[2019-01-18 16:21:45] i: Use "Filter" to instantly find needed coin at "My assets" and "Voting" page.
[2019-01-18 13:53:04] Nier: Buy Forkcoin a pump n dump coin
[2019-01-18 13:21:12] uno111: Thanks Mo. Your suggestion to do UNO widhrawal on https://app-c-cex.000webhostapp.com/ is hillarious. That is not nice