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lestherat: lets eat that sell wall on CC
SarahPalin: "Lets fill my buy order on CC" -lestherat
cryptowest: he pulled it when u said that
cryptowest: lol
lestherat: ahh ok, tell that guy selling 2 million
SarahPalin: there are 70 million coins
SarahPalin: that thing is doomed
SarahPalin: U on the other hand…. still has potential
lestherat: with a lot of bagholders for a month
lestherat: because of pos
lestherat: you need 100,000 to stake
Sicarious: nah, CC is fine.
Sicarious: in a month it probably won't be....
Sicarious: but until then, we pump!
chesthing: I think it's the scam pumpers on Crave attacking bct
lestherat: crave is a dark cavern right now
chesthing: it's the scam pumpers that got busted in the thread right before lights out
chesthing: coincidence I think not
SarahPalin: when does the next coin get listed
lestherat: now i have 15 sell orders before mine,
lestherat: what thats sell order for 243 cc
lestherat: buy cc, sell cc
chesthing: cc is a dead coin walkin
lestherat: dead coin, with 15 hrs
lestherat: haha
SarahPalin: yep. go for coins with ongoing development and low coin count - Ucoin
lestherat: in a month who knows
lestherat: but now you can make money
SarahPalin: nice rebound on ucoin for real tho
lestherat: damn we are at 160 and now this guys set 12 sell orders
lestherat: just dump if you are so hungry
lestherat: yeah that guy at 134
lestherat: or maybe is a bot
lestherat: lets fuc with them
lestherat: %&&/(/%$# kids
cryptowest: rest in piss
lestherat: that 2 btc for buy support is gone
Sicarious: lol, just come back tomorrow and see where the market settled
HorustheSun: slow here tonight
Colette: slow
HorustheSun: lol
SarahPalin: Colette you must be new here
Colette: very very
Colette: My name Colette , i'm new user on c-cex
Colette: First time today
Colette: I'm a friendly user
Colette: If you want my name , is Colette
Colette ignored by Tuwie
Haloha: CC and U hit bittrex
Fangface: nice
Zikka: panic buy
PromoCrypto: olyshit
Fangface: lmao look at buy orders
PromoCrypto: me gonna be rich
SarahPalin: tomorrow CC will be worth over 300 now that its on trex
lestherat: * i lose 20,000 in that movement
cah Lontong: remember crave
jimmyquick: remember DSB...ETD...
Pho_Tai: any viet here ?
Squeeze: wow cc on trex
Squeeze: party time
Squeeze: just a few days n it's on trex
Squeeze: no joke
Colette ignored by Squeeze
Sicarious: $CC on Trex!!
cah Lontong: $U on trx
Sicarious: really?
Sicarious: the $U market looks broken on trex
SarahPalin: bitcrystal
SarahPalin: they *ed it up
cah Lontong: got 2Million CC @80sat
Tuwie: wow this is one of the funniest trollboxes, so many people talking out thier a$$
SarahPalin: guess CC going to the moon might as well hop on board!
SarahPalin: Cybercoin for 265 on Bittrex
SarahPalin: market inefficiency! we gotta catch up to tre
SarahPalin: x
Sicarious: @support I just made a withdrawal and while my balance is now reduced, the withdrawal is not showing in my transaction page
Squeeze: @Sicarious, check email
Sicarious: Thanks!
Sicarious: lol, it's been awhile since i've withdrawn from ccex
lestherat: dont sell losers, ill try to pump
lestherat: dont dump on me
lestherat: you want to sell at 150 or 450
lestherat: * ing hungers
Sicarious: lol, i'm not selling here
TimSweat: cc needs a good pump here and trex
lestherat: this modther *rs selling at 150 sats
lestherat: hunger
TimSweat: dumb asses , dumping it
Squeeze: relax
TimSweat: need high buy wall here and trex and yobit
Squeeze: @Sicarious, no prob
MagUra: xep relax cc and U holders..
Squeeze: relax cc. it'll go up sooner or later
MagUra: no worries
MagUra: do not panic
Colette: @MagUra,
Squeeze: listen to the alt master magura!
MagUra: lol here is my colette
MagUra: cc and U buytime..
MagUra: be smart
TimSweat: I would if it was next week right now . so I have btc to buy with
cah Lontong: i have 0.13 btc , ad i can pUMP CC market .. wait me
Squeeze: ok thanks mr whale
edomajka: u coin on bittrex i dont see it
MagUra: soon
MagUra: buy before the tweet
MagUra: tip
MagUra: and U will fly
edomajka: ha
TimSweat: ok cah , if you can pump it with that little bit , ok
MagUra: U fixed
MagUra: wohoo
RandomUser: no wonder for me
PromoCrypto: u is on trex
PromoCrypto: they just didnt tweet it yet
RandomUser: ppl just stupid they want git rich button to press it
RandomUser: they can't trade to make profit
RandomUser: just dump
Sicarious: $U is fixed on Trex.
Sicarious: wooo!
MagUra: party time
cah Lontong: U dead
el diablo: cc crashing
TimSweat: its the dumb asses dumping thats all
TimSweat: looks like its going back up on trex
DEA: sending CC is not confirming in my wallet, strange
anonmooose: INCA KOIN block halving just occured.
Sicarious: supporting coming in at 160 on Trex
Sicarious: for cc
Do you need any help! Then contact our support department: https://c-cex.com/?id=support
aabtc: lol
Valdez_Santiago: How long has bitcointalk been down?
TimSweat: quite a while
Valdez_Santiago: Thanks Tim
midou14: https://c-cex.com/?p=rbt-crave
midou14: https://c-cex.com/?p=rbt-doge
Vindyne8: http://cointelegraph.com/news/113850/us-presidential-order-allows-the-state-to-confiscate-crypto-holdings-without-prior-notice
Support: @Sicarious, Click "Confirm" from e-mail
TimSweat: No problem Valdez
mozsi444: how to view all time charts on c-cex?
Support: @mozsi444, We have 24h per 1 bar limit atm
Valdez_Santiago: I feel blind and lost without bitcointalk. I must be a saddo.
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago, Poor Valdez...
Support: @Valdez_Santiago, there is hashtalk, cryptotalk etc ;)
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