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FeedTheBaby: @UncleReeemus, Well good for you, now that we got that out of the way
FeedTheBaby: jeez, lol
UncleReeemus: @Deepblue, BTC is great to trade too.
FeedTheBaby: Go trade your "legit" coins and stop pissing in my wheaties lolz, debbie downer over here
UncleReeemus: @FeedTheBaby, VNL is legit, and its here.... trade that.
FeedTheBaby: Im trying to trade, and didnt realize I got my mom looking over my shoulder warning which coins are shitcoins or not lols
ydnar: NEWS FLASH: 98% of crypto are shitcoins, If the average person doesn't even know what bitcoin is, they're defintiely not gonna care about altcoins
FeedTheBaby: Phuck vln, just because you have a negative attitude, how about that lolz
FeedTheBaby: VNL, VLN, DMV, who cares
UncleReeemus: of the top 10 volume coins here- 2 are worth trading imo. DOGE and VNL. The rest will die. Sorry FeedTheBaby- you know I'm right. Go get pissed off now.
FeedTheBaby: THey will all die, and I will play my part, we all have a role. Stop trying to micromanage everyone lolz
FeedTheBaby: Damn jehovahs witnesses are in chat, if you dont like what they like, they try to shame you for it lolz
FeedTheBaby: go back in your room mom
UncleReeemus: @FeedTheBaby, sorry- I'll stop shitting on your shitcoin rallies. I know you gotta feed the baby.
FeedTheBaby: I appreciate that, thank you. now scooch
UncleReeemus: @FeedTheBaby, shitcoin hype commences now. Go ILT, go CELL! weeeheee.. so much profits screwing noobs.
UncleReeemus: I just saw Instaminenuggets- yes, thats right... go feed the baby with those haha
Deepblue: When do you think DOGE is going to take off?
Deepblue: Looks lika a one more shit coin. Actually millions ans millions circulating.
FeedTheBaby: @Deepblue, +1
Deepblue: @FeedTheBaby, when?
Deepblue: it is a LTC clon
chickenstrips: hm someone wants some ILT on trex lol
Deepblue: LTCb
Deepblue: meant LTC
SeanJuan: ilt fix= x10
UncleReeemus: @chickenstrips, someone wants to pump a shitcoin on trex is morel like it. They don't actually want the ILT- they already got a bunch here.
Colette: *-(I_I)-*
UncleReeemus: Best advice to noobs- is to invest at a place like Poloniex, because at least you won't be suckered into a pump and dump shitcoin. You're a whole lot better off buying something that will have value in the future. Ideally, buy when the % change is red.
chickenstrips: has poloniex ever been hacked tho?
UncleReeemus: @chickenstrips, they were, about a year ago I think. They repaid every satoshi though, and beefed security way up. CCex was hacked too you know....
UncleReeemus: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=418700.msg5503550#msg5503550
Colette: @chickenstrips, yes
Colette: in the past
Colette: @chickenstrips, http://www.coindesk.com/poloniex-loses-12-3-bitcoins-latest-bitcoin-exchange-hack/
FeedTheBaby: They def did the honorable thing
FeedTheBaby: I usually trade at cryptsy, but I like the snappiness of this site and may trade here more at the same time.
UncleReeemus: @FeedTheBaby, polo is faster than here too.. its the fastest exchange I've seen. I trade stock and forex as well. The only thing polo doesn't have is total shitcoins
chickenstrips: This is because tristan doesn't know how to compile most coins
chickenstrips: I remember him emailing me because /obj didn't exist
UncleReeemus: @chickenstrips, lol. Tristan is the best one for implementation. what coin didn't have /obj?
chickenstrips: Most coins don't have /obj
chickenstrips: this is why it's so trivial
chickenstrips: and all you have to do is make the directory to fix it
LeGuezz0: Polo is a boring Exchange anyway.
FeedTheBaby: @UncleReeemus, Im here for the shitcoins, Im on cryptsy for the shitcoins. I like volitilty, I like making money
chickenstrips: Or the fact they ban people in the trollbox for just talking
chickenstrips: Or the fact that the volume is junk
chickenstrips: And they'll ask devs for stupid stuff, like signed notarized documents proving they have cash reserves for their coins
chickenstrips: It's almost as if baby boomers are running that show
UncleReeemus: @chickenstrips, lol
FeedTheBaby: Find me an exchange with nothing but the best most stable coins in regards to price and I will wonder if those operating it arent 1 can short of a 6 pack
chickenstrips: Well if all the other exchanges have all those 'safe' coins
LeGuezz0: If Polo keep ruling like this, in the next few years they wont exist anymore
chickenstrips: Watch bittrex explode in the next while
UncleReeemus: @chickenstrips, volume is higher than shittrex and they vet their coins-
chickenstrips: c-cex can grow too
chickenstrips: How can they vet coins if they don't know how to compile them
chickenstrips: don't you get it
MasterTrader777-MTR Dev: lol
chickenstrips: they're only adding older coins that have been on other exchanges
MasterTrader777-MTR Dev: @FTB
chickenstrips: because they know there won't be malicious code
chickenstrips: if other exchanges haven't been hacked
Hondo: Polo lost me when they dropped supercoin because the code reviewer thought "MAX_MONEY" had any influence on the actual money supply.
chickenstrips: Bittrex vets their code
UncleReeemus: @chickenstrips, they have every 2.0 coin out there that is worth a damn.
FeedTheBaby: lol
chickenstrips: Hondo exactly, they also delisted a coin because the premine was once in the 2nd block not the first
Hondo: LOL
chickenstrips: and another time poloniex delisted a coin because they thought the premine was suposed to be in the genesis block
UncleReeemus: @chickenstrips, bittrex is a joke. that engine is amazingly bad.
chickenstrips: This is the most basic shit they don't understand
chickenstrips: and that is why they only add old crusty altcoins, I explained it earlier
chickenstrips: It's because it's safe
chickenstrips: If they've been on other exchanges for 1-2 months and didn't get hacked, you could just add them
Hondo: Safety is not the same as doing things out of ignroance.
chickenstrips: They didn't even know how to do a coin swap
chickenstrips: about a year ago
Hondo: It's safe to know what your are doing. It's not safe to base actions on fear.
Hondo: I guess exchanges don't have enough money to hire people who can actually code.
chickenstrips: anyways peace
Hondo: I don't think they can look at a coin, it's code, and it's performance and know whether it is a good coin or not.
Hondo: This goes for all exchanges.
Hondo: Later.
lestherat: Important, send all your emoney (ECASH) to bittrex right now, after block 10,000 you lose your coins if you left in your wallet
lestherat: if you have your coins here, no problem
UncleReeemus: meh- I still think its the best place to trade crypto. Its far faster and more honest than any other place I've seen. They list tricky stuff all the time well ahead of other places. XRP is a good example. Cryptsy couldn't figure that out for months and made it a base market
sleepy: FREE DOGED https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/dogecoindark
CryptoWhale: Trade however you want. Don't try and tell everyone else how to trade. Learn to manage your own holdings without shitting all over everything you don't hold.
CryptoWhale: It won't increase the value of your bags.
ProCoinz stopped ignoring bittzy
ProCoinz stopped ignoring BTC-DOMED
ProCoinz stopped ignoring qcastl32
ProCoinz stopped ignoring PowerHemp
ProCoinz stopped ignoring Rkm
ProCoinz stopped ignoring PFCSkeptic
token_trader: well too bad ILT messed up their coin.. i wanted to stake my 2500 coins and create .15btc out of thin air everyday
token_trader: that was a whole lot of volume for a coin that couldn't even get the PoS correct .. and even if it was coded properly, i still don't think they understand PoS anyways
Colette: Support online?
ZCOIN: they are but you have them on ignore
sleepy: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/dogecoindark damn.. raining free doged!!
FeedTheBaby: mtr getting some good buy support woot woot
MasterTrader777-MTR Dev: woot
CryptoWhale: ILT price lower on Bittrex than it was here. So much for the pump.
CryptoWhale: so is this made by the ECASH devs, same POS problem?
altcryptohunter: @CryptoWhale, lol its not the same..ilt pos is working but not right ecash staking is not working
altcryptohunter: ilt was know before ecash launched
altcryptohunter: known
altcryptohunter: just take alook @ slfi coin...takeover high stakerate...works good..https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=977167.0
CryptoWhale: so why isn't the pos working right
lestherat: ECASH is gonna be fixed at block 10,000, please send your coins to bittrex, or you will lose forever
altcryptohunter: @CryptoWhale, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=974053.msg10675769#msg10675769
altcryptohunter: just one line is fail
lestherat: stake rate is choosed by community from 10,000 to 20,000 aleatory
lestherat: same as balls
lestherat: not exactly but similar
FeedTheBaby: damn math lol
FeedTheBaby: gets them everytime
altcryptohunter: @lestherat, very nice...and its also nice that igotspot took over this...hes a good dev..i just bought a new raspberry to get my own stakemachine^^
FeedTheBaby: great thing about itl problem is that anyone loading up on more has more time to let them mature without staking before the wallet fix
FeedTheBaby: some see problems, other see opportunities
lestherat: @altcryptohunter, well, the last year i lost a lot of money with new coins, and then devs left the coins, at least iGotspots is still working in his coins
lestherat: He practically revive from dust Ecash
lestherat: @altcryptohunter, i want that raspberry too
altcryptohunter: @lestherat, than just buy one^^new one out now with 1gb ram
CryptoWhale: surprised they didn't test the code before launch though
CryptoWhale: i guess most coins dont these days
lestherat: @CryptoWhale, stake coins are not easy job, look at Prototype (pyt) totally fail, and now intellect (itl), a lot of people hate iGotspots, but he is the master of stake coins
CryptoWhale: like 800 pos coins have come out now
CryptoWhale: like 20 didnt work right
profittester: НОВАЯ КРИПТОВАЛЮТА Регистрация только до 15 марта При регистрации дают 10 монет (предположительная начальная цена 0,004-0,005 BTC) Регистрируют только по ссылке партнёра 10 уровневая партнёрская программа Релиз проекта 15.03.2015 https://clck.ru/9SRib
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Colette: Dont click here user this is a malware : profittester ban this user support
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xkdxdavis10: lol. ILT has not failed. Either you guys never learn or are just new to things.
klaasje: @xkdxdavis10, i vote for never learn!
klaasje: They didnt turn in to milionairs last night so it has to be a scam XD
xkdxdavis10: @klaasje, lol, if u think cryptos will make u bill gates then u need to just give up now
xkdxdavis10: @klaasje, u r right probably, they dont learn
klaasje: @xkdxdavis10, nope dont think ill be rich from it haha. its just fun haha
xkdxdavis10: @klaasje, i agree
klaasje: people where thinking 10% daily pos would have kicked in 2 sec after pos started XD
klaasje: thats just retarded
klaasje: PoW whas still in effect, so you have to compete with 150GH/s end nobody understands that
klaasje: ill have to go to work now, ill be back in like 12-13hours iff im not rich by then it must be scam LMFAO
profittester ignored by BoyHowdy
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