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Rules and policies

1. Our statement

We, C-CEX.com Exchange, are committed towards making all possible circumstances for the convenient Exchange of funds, mentioned in the "Funds" section of each user's account by depositing, setting trade orders and withdrawing funds of our customers. We dedicate ourselves to take all possible precautions to protect deposited funds of every customer and allow them to trade and withdraw without any limits. We provide support to our customers in order to solve all possible problems related to our Exchange. Support is available via the "Support" section on the exchange.

2. Registration

To use C-CEX.com exchange, registration is required. A login, password and real e-mail are all necessary for registration. During the registration procedure, an activation email will be sent and you will be required to click the activation link provided to complete your registration. After clicking the activation link, your will have full access to all sections of the exchange.

3. Trading

Users can trade virtual currencies (commonly known as cryptocurrencies) by creating buy orders (bids) or sell orders (asks). Users can specify the total amount of currency they wish to buy or sell, and the rate they wish to trade at. Once the order is created, it is automatically matched against any existing orders and if any are found – the transaction will occur. If the order is not filled or only partially filled, the order is placed on the order book until a matching order can complete the request. A buy order is matched against a sell order, and vice versa. If the buying rate of an order is higher than the lowest rate of a sell order, the transaction will proceed by automatically being matched to the lowest sell order. For example: if a buy order is created to exchange 1 BTC for while there is a sell order that asks for 1 BTC, the buy order will be filled by the sell order asking for orders work exactly the same way: If a sell order is created and asks for while a buy order exists, the sell order will be filled by the buy order. The buyer will receive 1 BTC at a rate of while the seller receives at the cost of 1 BTC. You can cancel your open orders at any time. An order that has been executed cannot be reversed. The exchange fee is 0.2% of all incoming funds from transactions. By using C-CEX.com Exchange, you agree not to complain or engage any persons or parties, for any loss of funds during the trading process caused by incorrect price or amount input, wrong withdrawal addresses or by any other action you are responsible for or not, including any actions of other people, unavailability of the C-CEX website or system failure. Order book spam prohibited and can lead to order cancellation by exchange staff. Example: orders at unreasonable price like 100000 BTC per 1 coin which price is actually several satoshis.

4. Volume policy

We start to monitor the BTC daily volume of every cryptocurrency listed in 3 months after addition. If the average daily volume for one month is less than 0.5 BTC, we will announce the removal of the currency on Twitter and the "Important News" section on the main trading interface. After the removal is announced, we keep the currencies on the exchange for at least for 2 weeks to allow our users to trade or withdraw their currencies from the exchange.

5. Rounding rules

The rounding system implemented in the exchange automatically rounds the values to 8 decimal places. The system works in favor of the exchange.

6. Cryptocurrency Deposits and Withdrawals

We accept deposits for all cryptocurrencies on exchange only if you send it to the wallet addresses located in one line with cryptocurrency ticker (symbol) in your "Ledger" page. You can get new C-CEX address for every cryptocoin in the "Ledger" page by clicking "New Address". Deposit address private keys are C-CEX exchange property and never shared with users as we use deposit addresses to register deposits only. We do not store funds on this address for traders and do not connect your exchange virtual balance with your blockchain deposit address balance because we do not send funds from one address to another when users make trading. We do not accept deposits sent not to your specific cryptocurrency C-CEX address (wrong address) or from "generate" transactions. Deposits sent to wrong address will be lost. Make sure you send from your personal wallet. Do not mine directly to exchange. Multiple deposits of very small fractions of coins or mining directly to exchange from mining pools with fractions of coins also knows as "dust" considered as TX spam and can lead to account block without refund. We recommend to mine into Your local wallet and send coins to exchange from there. If you see "Minimum deposit" sign below coin address - it mean that we can't post any deposit of this coin lower than mentioned amount and such your deposit will be lost. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are made using the "Withdrawal" interface in the "Balances" section by sending the available balance to the desired address. All cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals are automatic and instantly processed. All possible delays concerned with transferring funds after their successful withdrawal is not related to exchange. Successful withdrawals are always confirmed by their corresponding transaction ID. The exchange is not responsible for deposits and withdrawals initiated in any “forks” of specific coin's blockchain. If there is no updated wallet version made available by the developer of the cryptocurrency or the exchange is not notified of any updates, then the exchange is not responsible for any balances lost due to forks, double spend attacks or broken blockchain.

7. Transfer of Funds between Users

To transfer funds between Exchange users, C-CEX-codes (vouchers) are available to prevent the incursion of fees. A C-CEX-code can be generated by a user in the "Balance" section under the “C-CEX Codes” tab. Once a code is generated, it becomes the equivalent of said amount and currency. C-CEX Codes can be shared with other Exchange users. Users can redeem C-CEX Codes in the “Balance” section by clicking on the appropriate tab. The funds equivalent to the C-CEX Code’s value will be awarded to the user that redeems the code. Redeemed C-CEX codes cannot be reused and their redemption cannot be reversed. Users pay zero fees when they create or redeem C-CEX Codes.

8. Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals

Fiat funds can be deposited via the "Deposit" interface in the "Fiat" subsection of the "Balances" section. Deposits of fiat funds are made through our partners automatically. Withdrawal of available fiat funds is possible in the "Withdrawal" subsection of the "Fiat" section. Withdrawals are made in a semi-automatic fashion. Withdrawal times can take up to 48 hours during working business days.

9. Account and history records

We guarantee to display your detailed history of operations for last 3 months. All operations with age above 3 months can be archived and converted to consolidated records. We do not store activity records or any account data including transactions, history records and any wallet balances in case account was not accessed for more than 6 months. Please, note - we do not send any notification if you do not access your account for mentioned period of time prior of data deletion. We do not welcome consider an account spam multiple account registrations made by one customer. If we found such customer in registering multiple accounts - we reserve our right to delete all his accounts without compensation of possible balances. We do not send any notifications prior account deactivation because of expiration. Deactivated accounts including any existing wallet balances can not be restored. We reserve our right to ban any account suspected in fraud activity like attempts of fraud trading, deposits using 51% fork attack, ss ethereum token or any other type of attack attempts. No warning, explanation or any balance funds compensation in case of ban.

10. Support

Opening more than one support ticket regarding the same problem is classified as ticket spamming. Abuses, foul language, ticket spam or threats in support system is prohibited, will not be answered and will lead to the permanent ban of any user account without compensation of any balances on the offending accounts.

11. Chat

Any words (including nicknames) that can be interpreted as abuse or discrimination of any kind are prohibited. Any advertisements are also prohibited. Derogatory remarks towards any staff members are prohibited and will be severely punished. Any off the book deals that are initiated on the exchange chat are also prohibited. This is to ensure that the chat does not host any possible scams. Attempting to bypass the chat for personal business is prohibited and may result in account suspension. Continuous posts (more than 2 times) containing: same message, non-crypto related videos, tips with very small almost worthless amounts (<), tweets, market links are considered as flood and will lead to chat ban. Abuse of other users with unreasonable ban voting will lead to chat ban. Chat moderators with bage are not c-cex staff. They are just trusted traders with chat moderation privelege. They do not officially represent the exchange.

12. API

The API is intended for the automated data analysis of trades. The allowed average frequency of requests is capped at 100 requests per minute. The API cannot be used to spam the order books. This occurs when bots create a large amount of small orders to block users from seeing the current orders.

13. Giveaways

Giveaways are implemented to help promote currencies. The Giveaway System allows users to claim a certain amount only once per account. It is prohibited to create more than one account for the sole purpose of claiming coins from the Giveaway System. Detection of such activity will lead to the deletion of all accounts involved without the possibility of recovering funds.

14. Holds

A hold on certain funds can be initiated by the exchange in case of any discrepancies regarding trading rates, volumes and balances. The hold only affects certain currencies involved in such discrepancies. In case of possibility - funds that are placed under a hold will be released pending a detailed investigation. It will be impossible to release fund from hold balance in case of thechnical issues or theft of such coins from exchange.

15. Currency Delisting

The currency delisting procedure will be performed by the exchange only with a prior announcement of at least 14 days before the actual delisting of the market. A notification will be posted in our Twitter and on the main trading page ("Important News" section). Markets will also be highlighted with a red color to let users know that the market involving the currency is planned to be removed from the exchange. This gives users ample time to trade or withdraw currencies before they are delisted. Balances cannot be recovered after a coin is delisted. Wallets can be given an extended grace period for withdrawals if server performance is not affected. Coin can also be delisted without previous notice in case of broken blockchain which a coin developer is refusing to fix.

16. Disclaimer

The current rules and policies can be revised without any notifications to users of this service, but must be published on this page. The exchange reserves the right to ban any user from the chat or suspend any user accounts with no chance of recovering any balances for breaking any of the rules listed.