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Before we go further please, make sure you send your deposit transaction exactly to your C-CEX address which currently displayed on the same line with appropriate cryptocurrency name and ticker in your "Ledger" page. Make sure it has enough confirmation which can be found in block explorer of this cryptocurrency. You can always find block explorer link in the coin info link on trading page. If your deposit does not meet above requirements we most probably will not be able to help you.

  • I did not receive my deposit which has enough confirmation on blockchain >>
  • My deposit transaction does not get confirmations on blockchain >>
  • I sent my deposit to wrong address >>
  • My deposit transaction ID got posted to my balance but amount is not correct >>
  • I have a problem with fiat deposit >>

First of all make sure you confirmed your withdrawal with e-mail confirmation link we sent you and check your history for transaction ID. You can also check your withdrawal transaction ID with it's coin block explorer.

  • I did not receive my withdrawal >>
  • My withdrawal was processed and I have transaction ID in history but I don't receive coins in my wallet >>
  • I did not receive my fiat withdrawal >>
  • My withdrawal was not processed instantly and got queued >>
  • I do not see withdraw option / How to withdraw coins from C-CEX >>
  • My withdrawal went to wrong address >>
Accessing Your account

In order to access your account you need to enter your login or e-mail as login, password and 2FA code if activated. In case you do not have those credentials you can recover them with Lost password link.

  • I forget my login or lost my password >>
  • I can't provide 2FA code or my 2FA code does not work >>
  • I can't login to my new account >>
  • I'm receiving e-mails like "Authorization failed from IP: xxx.xxx...." >>
  • My account hacked / I see trades made not by me >>
Trading / balance

First of all please, check your Orders and History page.

  • I created order but it is not processing >>
  • My balance is not correct >>
  • Balance of my certain coin is negative >>
  • Whats are "Consolidated" records in my history? >>
Feature request

You can request new feature here. Please, give us details of your idea.

Bug report

We did huge work on testing everything. Please, make sure it's really a bug. Please, give us all details how to reproduce it.

Adding your coin and advertising

We can add your coin or token here and advertize it on our landing page. Please, create ticket for details.

Other issue

In case you face other issue - we are here to help best possible way.

  • Contact us >>
  • I was banned from chat >>
  • I can't write messages in chat >>
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