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ICO rules

  1. The coin team must provide the wallet source code so we can compile and test it and receive the ICO premine transfer.
  2. The coin team must provide the coin logo for listing. Forum thread, website and block explorer links are preferrable.
  3. 6 BTC paid before ICO is listed, unless special circumstances arise. ICO fee is non-refundable.
  4. In the event the ICO does not sell out, coin team have the right to either refund investors or continue to launch and we can destroy the remaining premine. Coin developers must state if they are going to destroy unsold premine in this case.
  5. ICO ending time should be strictly stated in coin forum thread or other public information source. We will end ICO exactly at stated ending time.
  6. Wallet and its blockchain or asset has to be fully functional at the moment of ICO end as we have to open it for deposits and withdrawals for our traders.
  7. Provided that the ICO is successful, if there were no other conditions declared publicly C-CEX will freeze the ICO proceeds for 5 days in order to achieve the following: verify blockchain & network stability and adherence to the stated ICO/coin parameters.;
  8. After the successful completion the above requirements, at the end of the 5 day period, C-CEX will unlock the account which holds the ICO proceeds. If any network or wallet problems arise during this 5 day trial period, the developers have until the end of this trial period to rectify them. If problems persist at the end of the 5 day trial period, C-CEX will refund the investors using the ICO proceeds and consider the ICO failed and cancelled.
  9. Due to recent scams and other negative events, C-CEX can no longer vouch for coin developers. There is no way to verify a developer's identity or to prosecute an individual or team that abandons the projects or otherwise does not adhere to the stated ICO/coin terms without having a substantial legal infrastructure which we can not provide.
  10. If the coin developers can not provide a POD (Proof of Developer) or Coinsource Trust Index rating, C-CEX will recommend the provision of a short video where coin developers introduce themselves and their coin and explain the basic concepts behind the coin and why they believe it can be successful.
  11. Coin team will need to create a C-CEX account specifically for an ICO and communicate the account details to C-CEX. When C-CEX receives the source code, we build the wallet and have the developer transfer the coins to this account. Developers can set the ICO sale price themselves then we lock the account until the ICO has completed and the 5 day trial period has successfully passed.