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Welcome to C-CEX.com exchange!

C-CEX.com is a place for those in crypto-currency (i.e. Bitcoin) community and those interested in getting involved with
crypto-currency community to trade their coins with all benefits our exchange can give.

Launched in February 2014, we aim to give a great user experience matched with fast support. We will be adding many new coins based on popularity and requests of our users. We currently have more than 100 different coins to trade with. The C-Cex team is made up of talented developers and support who know how to build an efficient, secure and reliable system that uses the latest technology.

Our active development and support team work every day to bring You the best possible service. Our support team is almost
always available via the live chat box, skype or e-mail. We are open for our customers. Welcome!


2FA (e-mail, sms, google authenticator), e-mail confirmations, SSL, DDoS protection, anti-theft protection, hot/cold storage.

Fast deposits / trades / withdraws

You do not have to wait hours to see Your deposits. They shown in realtime and credited instantly after needed confirmations. BTC needs only 2 confirmations!

Merchant service included!

C-CEX merchant service lets You to sell Your goods and services for any coin we have. Learn more.

Referral program

Earn 5% from our BTC earning for all referrals trades fee 3 levels deep.

Trade any coin at BTC, USD, DOGE and NXT markets!

Choose from 100+ coins to trade for BTC/USD/DOGE/NXT.

Transfer funds instant directly between accounts without comission

We have a mechanism to instantly transfer any funds between accounts via "C-CEX codes".

Active Dev/Support team

We have very responsive support team - You can contact us via skype or "Support" section.

Webcamera QR-code reading support

You can easy scan Your wallet address or C-CEX code from paper / smartphone / tablet or other computer using You integrated or plugged web camera.

Chat live with fellow traders

Find much of useful information from our chat box.

Vote for new coins to be added

We have voting system for adding new coins. You can vote by depositing small amount of BTC.

Créez votre compte et vous pourrez choisir parmi 4 monnaies à vendre!