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stabycroc;_)>: @NewUser, catch much?
crzybilly: maybe they should add mintcoin?
NewUser: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁, If I change my name, I'll make sure everyone knows
NewUser: Still don't have a yobit account lol
stabycroc;_)>: @crzybilly,
NewUser: @crzybilly, I'd like to trade some MINT here
LeGuezz0: @Support, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1144365.0
stabycroc;_)>: @NewUser, i made 1 sent 12k pxl to em, and acouple other coins.. 1 of the 3 coins arrived
Lordpiccolo: TX looks like a good coin so far https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1150229.0
stabycroc;_)>: @LeGuezz0, already linked it 4ya
LeGuezz0: @stabycroc;_)>, Oh! thank you
stabycroc;_)>: np
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @Support, Add dcr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1155319.0
stabycroc;_)>: il be back l8rs :_)
NewUser: lol NEG already got a swap?
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @NewUser, Yeah chain was messy
NewUser: @stabycroc;_)>, Have a good day Sir
NewUser: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁, Was anything merged with it, or just the standard swap?
Support: Thanks for suggestion. Will consider it.
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @NewUser, I hear monsters are pretty good as fishing bait
NewUser: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁, They work pretty good trolling
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @NewUser, Bitsis shows up sometimes, noone can figure out where the game went
NewUser: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁, Maybe tam got cheap enough for him to buy, looks like somebody was.
NewUser: Somebody has been buying hedge too wtf
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @NewUser, Earlier the week someone bough versa lol
NewUser: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁, lol
NewUser: xfc isn't on hot list. First time I've seen that in .... a long time
kernik: https://sector5.xyz World's first crypto-integrated BulletHell that pays for playing!
LeGuezz0: @Support, I really hope so
LeGuezz0: @Support, But can you add it to the voting list at least?
LeGuezz0: Im sure many people will vote for it. Thanks!
Colette: Morning traders
Colette: @NewUser, Welcome back NewUser
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @Colette, It's not really NewUser, he's alien disguised as him
NewUser: @Colette, nice to see you. I hope you have been well
Acp: hey
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @NewUser, Where have you been you bumberclart? I hope you have no life outside of this shit box.
Judge: boobs
5ick3uffalo: XRA pump coming soon(tm)
NewUser: @Valdez_Rotten_Troll, had to disconnect from the matrix for a while, flush the nanobots from the soul lol
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @NewUser, Don't blame you mate. Sometimes it gives you a well deserved reboot.
1: evening gentlemen
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @1, You broke the silence rule.
1: @Valdez_Rotten_Troll, well that's about all I have to say
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @1, It's been as dead as one of Spotsies coins in here lately
1: @Valdez_Rotten_Troll, yeah tell me about it :/
NewUser: @Valdez_Rotten_Troll,
Colette: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁,
NewUser: Were you guys making trollbox rules while I was gone?
Colette: @NewUser, yes sure! and you bud?
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @NewUser, Everybody has been gone. No trolls, no rules.
Is there a coin you like then check our voting list and add new coin if You wish: https://c-cex.com/?id=vote
Acp: /
Lordpiccolo: I dont trade here anymore as I can't be arse reading spots shit even day
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @Lordpiccolo,
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @Lordpiccolo, I have him on ignore for weeks now. It's like a shit filter.
1: yolo has taken over as the number one shitcoin exchange
NewUser: @Lordpiccolo, lmao
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @NewUser, It's a wasteland here
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: Mad troll fury road
1: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁, awesome movie that one
bangooz: igotspots are u there ?
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: http://blocktech.com
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: really intresting
NewUser: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁, If the tam game came out, it could be a teenage wasteland :-
Lordpiccolo: @Valdez_Rotten_Troll, don't blame you
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @NewUser, No way, our trolls are the best out there, they would keep the place clean
crzybilly: @NewUser, TAM game did come out under a new coin called secret coin
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @crzybilly, That is invisible to everyone but to Bitsy
crzybilly: not anymore... I saw it lol
NewUser: @🜁 AngelLox 🜁, that is interesting
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: link please
Lordpiccolo: is the game ' lick Bitspenders arse' out yet?
NewUser: @crzybilly, nice, so he can fleece two groups of investors, rather than just one.
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: @Lordpiccolo, That was the preorder bonus
NewUser: That must have been the missing piece, when he said it was done, just needed little work to make it "perfect"
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1162630.msg12248724#msg12248724
🜁 AngelLox 🜁:
NewUser: lmao
πŸŒ›Fangfaceβ„’: nice quote on there lol
🜁 AngelLox 🜁: Yeah i bet Ben Franklin would puke if he looked at Tam
1: "More info soon" posted 5 days ago
NewUser: @πŸŒ›Fangfaceβ„’, much irony there
πŸŒ›Fangfaceβ„’: @1, maybe soon means a month or three in dutch
SecretsOfCrypto: I see bitspender has really aquired a lot of fans
NewUser: @SecretsOfCrypto, I think he's trying to dethrone Spots
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @NewUser, They are one and the same http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111115223501/muppet/images/thumb/d/d8/Tumblr-Two-HeadedMonster.png/280px-Tumblr-Two-HeadedMonster.png
iGotSpots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFXICDDsra4
iGotSpots: at least i do everything i say i will do ;)
iGotSpots: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1166885
iGotSpots: theres something else you can talk shit about me for
iGotSpots: since i know you have on real hobbies, that might help you move your day along
iGotSpots: no*
SecretsOfCrypto: @NewUser, perhaps the same person lol
SecretsOfCrypto: spots, bitspender & placebo are the scum of crypto
SecretsOfCrypto: all the same person?
iGotSpots: yes
iGotSpots: i am everyone, ive told you that
iGotSpots: the only people in this box
iGotSpots: are you and me
iGotSpots: im everyone on bitcointalk, too
iGotSpots: its just a big rouse for you
iGotSpots: its funny how the trolls come in cycles, then disappear
iGotSpots: ive seen like 10 groups of you insignificant trolls come and go
iGotSpots: in six months, youll all be gone jerkin it in a closet while i am still here doin the same thing, just like the last three years
1: well I've been here since the place launched
1: for some reason
iGotSpots: i remember when cryptsy was still litebonk lol
iGotSpots: back when they used to be cool
iGotSpots: #thingschange
PowerHemp: https://blockchain.info/ru/address/1KMSc9NVZthdFEnkHN5KHdULoGuR5x2Xjt
PowerHemp: someone want free btc?
alpho2k: everyone want free btc
NewUser: @Valdez_Rotten_Troll, lol that pic is awesome
PowerHemp: its a bitcoin address from hashprofit
GB: @iGotSpots, yeah why did Cryptsy become not cool? They used to be my favorite
NewUser: @iGotSpots, You also said BUCKS was a long term project, and it was the last coin you would make. You don't do everything you say you will, so stop lying. You still have 998/1000 coins to make, better get crackin
iGotSpots: @GB, they lost my respect when they started staking user's balances and dumping the coins without paying fees, while still charging trade/withdraw fees
iGotSpots: triple dipping on customers is not cool
iGotSpots: @NewUser, yep i did and that was the plan, but the dash/crave code was compromised and unfixable, so i moved on when my solution was voted down
NewUser: @iGotSpots, or investors
PowerHemp: f*ck that hashprofit.. more bitcoins from them^^ https://blockchain.info/ru/address/13dsGByvWevD1kidS1RkaB8eLMQ4CbnYRo
GB: oh wow yeah I can see that
iGotSpots: i was going to swap it to fix, gorillacouncil said no, so i moved on
iGotSpots ignored by Lordpiccolo
iGotSpots: staying stagnant is what kills companies, i will not destroy my business even if a coin fails
iGotSpots: yes, i run actual companies, this is not a hobby lol
Valdez_Rotten_Troll: @NewUser, Can you imagine what they sound like?
NewUser: @iGotSpots, lmao
NewUser: @iGotSpots, If you run your "companies" the way you run your coins, it would be a treat to see
NewUser: #trainwrecks
NewUser: make sure to check the expiration date before purchasing coins
NewUser: Some have short shelf life