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BaronCrypto: hope one day i will be popular like you Colette
googs: Ignored by so many
Varvarin: @Colette, that's not trolling, that's sound advice .. tsk tsk
DEA: smac will move higher a lot
→♂PowerHemp♂←: @IncaKoin, ok good job saw that i have no more btc at adbit so i cant add my ad i can do it in 2-3 weeks
Colette: @BaronCrypto, hahahahaha
Colette: Oh my FG this dump is hard now !
IncaKoin: @→♂PowerHemp♂←, no worrys i have enuff coins in my reserve wallet to keep the faucet going for many months
IncaKoin: at current market price you can earn up to 0.000384 btc a day without the promo code
Colette: Advice : Time for dump all you have now NOW
IncaKoin: from the faucet
Colette: before is to late !!
Colette: Fiat for the win guys
Colette: BTC : Bear Trap Coin
Colette ignored by jc12345
Colette: Ignore me if you want
IncaKoin stopped ignoring Colette
Colette: BTC adding on mtgox !
Colette: XPY down or up ?
Colette: is pretty cheap on c-cex now
Colette: https://c-cex.com/?p=xpy-btc
→♂PowerHemp♂←: ye gl i hope more people buy coin and hold it
CryptoGuppy: is happy now he sees the ecash price
Mick Ghee: @Colette, looks like down i got out yesterday
Mick Ghee: @CryptoGuppy, maybe ol mick aint so bad
CryptoGuppy: Let me guess: you asked spots?
Mick Ghee: @CryptoGuppy, just saved xpookyx 's ass
Mick Ghee: ooops
Mick Ghee: pm
CryptoGuppy: I have no idea who that is
IncaKoin: our newest merchant coming soon http://itop-corp.com/
Crestington: hey guys
Crestington: I am looking to sell about 15k worth of CON, does anyone want to buy?
CryptoGuppy: @Crestington, Hi
Mick Ghee: @Support: the community over at e-cash has a fix for the stalled chain and we need you to update to the new wallet pronto there will be a big swell on whichever exchange moves first
Mick Ghee: how do i signal support
cryptojoe: @Support, test
cryptojoe: like that I think lol
Valdez_Santiago: Or where it clearly says SUPPORT at the top of the page
cryptojoe: yea will be a flurry of ecash when an exchange adds the fix
jc12345: The new coin specs will be a good midway between not too long and not too short. Since spots is doing it, we all know it will work. he is also upgrading the speed to be very fast.
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago,
Valdez_Santiago: @CryptoGuppy, Is your body clock regulated ??
Support: @cryptojoe, test
Support: @Mick Ghee, roger
cryptojoe: @Support, sorry is a ecash update required
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago, Not quite, but I got a sleeping pill that will do the trick
Support: @cryptojoe, version":"v1.1.0.0e-money
Support: looks like we did it alreadt
Valdez_Santiago: @CryptoGuppy, You have a quiet day tomorrow? Like everyday.
Support: You can check for our wallet's versions here: https://c-cex.com/?id=ws
cabul: @Support, please add jewelcoin thankyou
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago, Yeah, I'm still on sick leave or whatever you call it.
Valdez_Santiago: @CryptoGuppy, You will be very sick if you continue to spend too much time in this box
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago, I know
→♂PowerHemp♂←: 2015-01-18 22:07:54 0.00600000 drk i bought and people say me im stupid xd
Valdez_Santiago: @CryptoGuppy, It's affecting me.
→♂PowerHemp♂←: ltc will grow ^^
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago, I think I can say that I understand
HZ FaNatic: who need ccex when you got bittrexxx
→♂PowerHemp♂←: @HZ FaNatic, here is best trollbox
HZ FaNatic: @→♂PowerHemp♂←, +1Zillion
cryptojoe: I guess the github not been updated for ecash
Crestington: Hey guys, I was wondering who wants to buy 15k CON from me as a reasonable price?
Crestington ignored by Unseen
→♂PowerHemp♂←: why dont sell here?
→♂PowerHemp♂←: who wanna make money in next 30 min?
→♂PowerHemp♂←: buy orders here much higher: https://poloniex.com/exchange#btc_note then sell order here for that 2240 dnotes but dont have the bitcoins for buying
→♂PowerHemp♂←: gj who was the fag who cant say thanks for the tipp?
→♂PowerHemp♂←: so only 800 left for good sell^^
→♂PowerHemp♂←: 0.00006302 180.98562815 0.01140571 0.01140571 0.00006301 4310.49940652 0.27160457 0.28301028 0.00006300 800.00000000 0.05040000 0.33341028
Mick Ghee: traded on e-trade wtf http://www.bitcointrust.co/
→♂PowerHemp♂← ignored by slysam
slysam: @Support, there is a newer wallet version for e-money that fixes the stuck pos blockchain
slysam: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=966590.msg10625339#msg10625339
slysam ignored by →♂PowerHemp♂←
poke_smot: <<--does the vanillacoin dance
Sorrowfox: meep meep
poke_smot: moop
MarcusPolus: ccex admin plz add https://empoex.com/
MarcusPolus: add https://empoex.com/trade/XSL-BTC
Support: @slysam, we wait a little more and then update if dev will not come up
Support: @MarcusPolus, ??
Support: You want me to add other exchange here?
Crestington: hey, can someone buy my 15k PayCon @ 660? I think it's a reasonable price and need the money for rent
MarcusPolus: NO MAN COIN
MarcusPolus: SORRY CAPS
MarcusPolus: coin
MarcusPolus: xsl plzz
Crestington: https://c-cex.com/?p=con-btc
MarcusPolus: good coin sell 34++++ btc ipo
MarcusPolus: weit i come link annn
MarcusPolus: adminnnn https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=964865.0
MarcusPolus: add plzzzzzz
MarcusPolus: GOOD COIN!!!!!
MarcusPolus: sorry english i from kuweit
Crestington: hey, can someone buy my 15k PayCon @ 558? I think it's a reasonable price and need the money for rent lol
Crestington: @ 658*
MarcusPolus ignored by cryptoflypto
CryptoGuppy stopped ignoring MarcusPolus
andre1: gi
MarcusPolus: add admin plz??
MarcusPolus ignored by CryptoGuppy
CryptoGuppy: That's why he was on ignore
Mick Ghee: cloud mine for bitcoin eran cryptospots as a bonus get 1 free gh on me https://cryptospot.me/referrer/mickghee
andre1: l@CryptoGuppy, \
andre1: @CryptoGuppy, doing early morning shopping?
CryptoGuppy: @andre1, Uhhm.... what? I don't get it...
CryptoGuppy: You mean if I am buying?
andre1: @CryptoGuppy, It is almost one in morning here and Istill
andre1: still look for coins to buy
CryptoGuppy: Actually I would like to sell some, really low on btc.
andre1: @CryptoGuppy, Hope you can, what are you selling?
MarcusPolus: admni
MarcusPolus: plz add xsl coi
CryptoGuppy: Almost everything I have is a bit low at the moment. or should do better in a couple of days. ECASH, GRC, SJCX, PIMP
andre1: @CryptoGuppy, my coins also very unpleasant reading all going down
CryptoGuppy: @andre1, I have faith those coins will do better, it will just take some time. Meanwhile I don't have a lot to play with.