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iGotSpots: yo
lestherat: @iGotSpots, i want that client
iGotSpots: you can have it if you want, everything will just get orphaned lol
iGotSpots: orrrr if you manage to find two in a row
iGotSpots: youll just knock yourself on your own fork
lestherat: @iGotSpots, whats the change to mmxiv, stake rate lower?
iGotSpots: maybe
iGotSpots: still playing with it
lestherat: cool, the supply still lower, lets see how it works, meanwhile slowly buying and hardly staking
jc12345: @iGotSpots, welcome, you are just in time to see the bot start to play again.
iGotSpots: im sure there are tons of bots lol
fonzerrellie: but when it does stake their nice and juicy
Pitcoin: who controlls the BTC website and BTC in general ?
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, satoshi
Pitcoin: i know who started it n all that but who has the right to be on the board ?
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, i control it all
Pitcoin: lol can i have some then ?
đź”®owlnite36: blame it on me
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, you have any ideas?
Pitcoin: no just wonderin who has the right to controll it now and y
đź”®owlnite36: blame owl
đź”®owlnite36: lol
Pitcoin: damn u Hooter !
Pitcoin: lol
fonzerrellie: I just heard a canadian university is going to be accepting BTC for school books
Pitcoin: thats whats up
fonzerrellie: bout time
đź”®owlnite36: canada dollar is shit sell ad buy btc lol
Pitcoin: haha
fonzerrellie: lol yeah it's gone to sh!t lately for sure
đź”®owlnite36: andreas atoopolous warned you
Pitcoin: i dont think any other coin will come along n be as big as BTC
đź”®owlnite36: buy buy buy btc
lestherat: all fiat is shit
Pitcoin: actually i do need to get some fresh BTC.. i dont like to buy it tho
fonzerrellie: I think BTC will always be king, but by the time it's truly a house hold name and is 5k a coin there will be other alts getting known
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, steal it like evryone else? lol
fonzerrellie: like LTC and other mainstays
Pitcoin: not if these Devs keep makin Alts n dumpin.. no 1 will trust as alt
Pitcoin: Litecoin has no development or it could be big
fonzerrellie: lol people will learn fast not to trust new alts... or go broke holding
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, prolly 90% one guys
đź”®owlnite36: one dude
Pitcoin: yea Weiner ! lol
đź”®owlnite36: lol
đź”®owlnite36: he wishes
Pitcoin: yea he is still workin on his toasters
đź”®owlnite36: thats funny tho
fonzerrellie: it could be huge if the right holders got together and did something with it
fonzerrellie: at the right time
đź”®owlnite36: i mined amk
đź”®owlnite36: his first coin
đź”®owlnite36: lol
đź”®owlnite36: me and cogs go wayyy back (not rely)
fonzerrellie: I finally added AC back to my sig since GPH f'd up
Pitcoin: Cogburn !
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, Cogcorn
Pitcoin: @đź”®owlnite36, ever meet him before ?
Pitcoin: Cogknob !
fonzerrellie: that was the first newb coin I had added in a long time... lol 2 days later it goes to sh!t
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, no thanks
Pitcoin: damn.. Doge was actually the first Alt i ever bought then VERT i believe
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, i've never bought a coin
Pitcoin: Magura doesnt come in anymore ?
đź”®owlnite36: lol
đź”®owlnite36: i started with nothing
đź”®owlnite36: faucet runnnnnn
đź”®owlnite36: ;-)
Pitcoin: i started from the bottom now we here !
fonzerrellie: lol nice
đź”®owlnite36: i've dumped on noobs tho
fonzerrellie: I think I've put a total of 200 ca in btc since I started trading
Pitcoin: eh who hasnt lol
đź”®owlnite36: sold 11BTC @ $300
Pitcoin: 200 ca .. whats ca ?
Pitcoin: @đź”®owlnite36, how u get 11 btc from a faucet ? lol
fonzerrellie: heck when i saw there was still vary buys up at 47k and it was like 12k here damn right i dumped then bought back here
đź”®owlnite36: canadian bucks?
fonzerrellie: canadian fiat
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, oh that was for legal work
Pitcoin: how many ca to usd ?
đź”®owlnite36: dev negotiations
đź”®owlnite36: lol
fonzerrellie: lol right now it's sh!t like 65 cents to a us dollar
Pitcoin: @đź”®owlnite36, ive got tons of coins for free when i was workin with coyote
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, use canadian bucks to wipe your ass
fonzerrellie: eh... they pay the rent
đź”®owlnite36: @fonzerrellie, lol ;-)
Pitcoin: i gotta imagine 1 day they will be better than USD.. the US is run by scammers
fonzerrellie: the landlord gets the used bills
Pitcoin: stripper 1's lol
đź”®owlnite36: haha
fonzerrellie: smallest bill is a 5
fonzerrellie: strippers do well here ;)
Pitcoin: damn ill show a tittie for a 5 ! lol
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, we have more sports and games
đź”®owlnite36: amusement parks
Pitcoin: so u gotta pay with a 5 for a sode n get what back in change ?
fonzerrellie: and yes I've seen ca at like 1.10 us before
Pitcoin: @đź”®owlnite36, yea we got Obama ! lol
iGotSpots: @Pitcoin, a bill for another $2
fonzerrellie: west edmonton mall is the sh!t
Pitcoin: @iGotSpots, yo spots who controlls BTC ?
iGotSpots: every individual peer
Pitcoin: no 1 ever works on the chain ?
fonzerrellie: yup we have a 2$ coin and a 1$
Pitcoin: forks ?
iGotSpots: a bunch of people do
Pitcoin: who put them in charge ?
iGotSpots: and they make a lot of bad decisions
iGotSpots: they did lol
iGotSpots: the sheeple just follow, a fork is not a fork unless people update
Pitcoin: how did they just get the chance to work on the code ?
iGotSpots: dont even get me started ranting about them tonight ;)
fonzerrellie: lol
Pitcoin: im just wondering who put " them " in charge
iGotSpots: well im pretty sure by now most of the bitcoin foundation seats were bought, but i dont really care to follow what they do much anymore
Pitcoin: its all Weiners fault ! lol
iGotSpots: but i think corporate greed has control of them now and they are turning bitcoin into what it was made to get around
Pitcoin: 1 of the dudes on the foundation made an Alt right.. that is 1-1 with the USD ?
Pitcoin: brock
iGotSpots: no idea
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, spots makes most of the coins
đź”®owlnite36: lol
đź”®owlnite36: ;-)
fonzerrellie: most of the good ones anyway ;)
iGotSpots: im not even in the top 20 for serial coin launchers, trust me
iGotSpots: theres a lot of people that have a lot of shit
Pitcoin: the GLIDE dev ? lol
Pitcoin: or the SHELL dev lol
Pitcoin: prolly same guy
fonzerrellie: lol I believe it with how many coins I've seen this past year
fonzerrellie: i bet theres a few out there who have launch 100's of coins
Pitcoin: Weiner !
Ltcrs: ARB lol
GlitterRush: glide is awsome
Pitcoin: u can have it all ! FOR CHEAP LOL
Pitcoin: @GlitterRush, is the cerial Dev !
đź”®owlnite36: @Pitcoin, cogburn owes me 30btc for running his mouth
đź”®owlnite36: lol
đź”®owlnite36: i'll send you to collect
đź”®owlnite36: deal?
(,)(,) GlitterRush's Granma's Bagz: u leave my girl alone !
(,)(,) GlitterRush's Granma's Bagz: be nice to her !
(,)(,) GlitterRush's Granma's Bagz: we love GLIDE !
fonzerrellie: [1 VARY redeemed]
fonzerrellie: [1 VARY redeemed]