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fonzerrellie: ;) cheers
fonzerrellie: hopefully someone dumps some on trex then I'll trade up till I have enough to make it worth sending
lestherat: looks like now only we have to wait only 36 hours
lestherat: instead 10 days
Lordpiccolo: alright smegs
fonzerrellie: are they keeping the blocktime to this??
fonzerrellie: they'll find the right balance
PogingBagsik: hmm
fonzerrellie: if that reserve balance works for TEETH I'm going to keep on restarting with smaller and smaller reserve balance to se if it'll break it into smaller chunks
fonzerrellie: any thoughts on BTCRY ? has a few cool features and dev is always working on it, mincraft ports, decentralized exchange, CPU mining from wallet
fonzerrellie: *minecraft ports
Lordpiccolo: @fonzerrellie, i did have a few btcry, just appeared no one else did , except you lol, it does look interesting though
CryptoWhale: traders all sleeping this time of night looks like
Lordpiccolo: @CryptoWhale, i just woke up
lestherat: damn Epy stuck on block 415
lestherat: dont try to move your coins now
Adroitfulone: @Lordpiccolo, I did too
Lordpiccolo: @lestherat, Ive seen coins take 9 hours to find a block, might just be a difficuly one
Lordpiccolo: @Adroitfulone, Morning sir
stabycroc;_)>: @Lordpiccolo, time 4 tea and muffins, my good sir
stabycroc;_)>: @CryptoWhale, yea traders asleep and trolls awke :_)>
cdirtydevil: @lestherat, its still stuck
lestherat: @Lordpiccolo, and i`ve seen coins never move when stuck sir, im ok, already dump all
Lordpiccolo: @lestherat, yeah i've been around the block a while and seen most things crypto has to offer
Lordpiccolo: @stabycroc;_)>, you*offee?
lestherat: @cdirtydevil, yep 4 hours ago
lestherat: @Lordpiccolo, i really like Epy, ill buy again when all get solverd
cdirtydevil: i dont have anything in the ,just downloaded to see if the developer would actually send free coins
lestherat: incredible some guys dump teeth for peanuts
cdirtydevil: only have 29 there on here
cdirtydevil: scratch that only have 2.8 29 is xtp lol
cdirtydevil: hey @Colette,
stabycroc;_)>: @Colette,
Colette: @cdirtydevil, Hi cdirtydevil!
Colette: @stabycroc;_)>, Heyhey
Colette: How are you today?
cdirtydevil: doing ok
Colette: @cdirtydevil, sweet , trading?
stabycroc;_)>: yea good bac in town for acouple weeks....wats the go with Ucoin on delist?
cdirtydevil: not a whole lot mostly window shopping lol
Colette: @stabycroc;_)>, I could not tell you, don't know
Colette: @cdirtydevil, Oh thats nice hehe
Colette: [redeemed]
Colette: [redeemed]
Colette: [redeemed]
Colette: [redeemed]
Colette: [redeemed]
lestherat: 998 Dark LOL
Colette: @lestherat, Hi lestherat
cdirtydevil: @Colette, thx got one
lestherat: @Colette, i would be happy with half of that
lestherat: @Colette, Hi Colette, you are a new rich user
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Colette: @lestherat, nah I am still very poor. but I like to distribute karma
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Colette: @Excelsior, thank you for make it rain!
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: @Colette, no problem
protrader c-cex: not get anything
cdirtydevil: thx@Excelsior,
lestherat: i only see [redeemed] [redeemed] [redeemed]
lestherat: my lap is so slow
Colette: @lestherat, They quickly leave it's amazing
cdirtydevil: yeah they disappear fast
Colette: @lestherat, Here its my internet / and crapy computer to slow
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: thats it for now
Colette: really generous ;)
cdirtydevil: @Excelsior, much appreciated
Excelsior: i like to give back to the community
Lordpiccolo: someone must have a bot that looks for those codes
stabycroc;_)>: dam slow arse net... its just a wallll of [redeemed]
lestherat: [redeemed]
lestherat: [redeemed]
lestherat: [redeemed]
stabycroc;_)>: i gave them tip of fixing that issue lord... only 1 per person per day per coin
CryptoWhale: is harder to get a script right to mimic mouse click but some are still capable of it
lestherat: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: [redeemed]
Excelsior: i lied
stabycroc;_)>: [redeemed] wall lol
Excelsior: but thats realy it for now
CryptoWhale: yeah never even see the graphic, just redeemed
Excelsior: @domi, np
CryptoWhale: how do you make it the clickable icon instead of the line of text
stabycroc;_)>: @CryptoWhale, go to balnce and next to withdraw is "make code"
CryptoWhale: did that, it emailed me a code
stabycroc;_)>: lol maybe not
CryptoWhale: yeah no idea
stabycroc;_)>: colette would know
CryptoWhale: no big deal for now thanks though
cryptojoe™: damn still no teeth market
allyouracid: here
allyouracid: [redeemed]
allyouracid: seems to work.
allyouracid: @CryptoWhale, paste the code from the mail into the chat window
stabycroc;_)>: yea thats right :_) forgot about site upgrade
lestherat: buy my cheap Teeth on trex, at .049
fonzerrellie: first thing I thought of when I opened the GOAT wallet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIm8qNirTOkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIm8qNirTOk
Cryptolovers: VIRAL is moving nicely!!!! Buy VIRAL and make profit. CryptoFocus ICO should be on today, another crazy cheap ICO, BUY it too
allyouracid: @fonzerrellie, lol
fonzerrellie: heard some BAD f'n news about that viral... and it can suck mychocolate covered balls
fonzerrellie: *salty
midou14: and SPC
allyouracid: @Cryptolovers, no, just… no.
cdirtydevil: [redeemed]
Cryptolovers: WHALES ARE IN VIRAL!!!
Cryptolovers: BUY OR REGRET
lestherat: BUY AND REGRET
k1: SPHR in accumulation phase
Lore06: there's definitly a great possiblity to make money with viral. Just don't be greedy
Cryptolovers: @Lore06, Indeed, that is the point. With 007 there was also money to be made... WHEN YOU WERE NOT GREEDY!!!
Cryptolovers: I told everybody buy VIRAL and CryptoFocus. CryptoFocus ICO should be here today based on DEV statements
Lore06: on every ico on C-cex you can earn money. As long tehere is a buywall you don't have to fear
Cryptolovers: VIRAL = 160 BTC, CFS = 80 BTC
Cryptolovers: People want to post free ads? Look here... https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1051997.msg11306302#msg11306302
Cryptolovers: http://cryptofocus.info/index.php/free-ads
btcnoobtrader: rainbows and sunshine coin
CryptoWhale: @lore06 is absolutely correct
Cryptolovers: @Lore06, correct, you can still dump your coins in the first 5 days.
k1: when does SPHR accumulation phase end?
cryptopolis: ?
playcrypto: utle is top coin
lestherat: what is HLC
lestherat: where is the ann
playcrypto: no one is dumping on utle youl need to buy out orders or place orders higher
SpringHeeledJack: dump!
Cryptolovers: VIRAL will be worth - 400 BTC at ICO price and CFS will be worth 80 BTC at ICO price. CFS just launched free ads on their website.