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Acp: @stabycroc;_)>,
Colette: Hi traders
zeloe78: Where in the world is carmen sandiego ?
Acp: digicube blocked me which has really upset my feelings. i will never know how cube it going and able to tweet it out for him
zeloe78: @Colette, cdan you tell me, have you seen her ?
sponge_bob: @iGotSpots, why PRIME is such low on bittrex ?
sponge_bob ignored by somedude
Acp: to bad i am a digicube investment and now im not sure
sponge_bob: LOL
iGotSpots: @sponge_bob, ive been super busy havent been focusing on coins, sorry
sponge_bob: ignored for telling truth
iGotSpots: it was up last i checked though to like 400
iGotSpots: i dunno just staking really, havent hit a *in prime yet thouhg
Acp: i dont know what to do anymore digicube blocked me i feel so disconnected with the world
sponge_bob: @iGotSpots, ahh ok
sponge_bob: i was wondering whats up
DigiCube stopped ignoring Acp
sponge_bob: whos into AX? seems this coin is gonna rock
iGotSpots: been helping a friend set up a limo company for the past 2 months, been crazy busy
iGotSpots: we almost ready to launch it though so ill be back when that settles down
iGotSpots: ive been losing faith in cryptos because of a shitty environment of people coming in, gotta spread the business out more ;p
sponge_bob: @iGotSpots, give me shares in limo company man
Acp stopped ignoring DigiCube
Acp stopped ignoring lestherat
captain jack pero: Hello
captain jack pero: I'm new in crypto trading
iGotSpots: @sponge_bob, sure, buy us another vehicle and ill hire a driver and pay you 10% until you get 125% of your money back ;)
iGotSpots: i found a couple for sale in new jersey i might scoop up and drive back
iGotSpots: drove to florida twice already this year, whats another road trip lol
sponge_bob: haha cool
iGotSpots: btw, im serious about that offer ;)
iGotSpots: goes for anyone
iGotSpots: but you gotta be willing to put your name on shit and make it legal, dont bother if you arent
sponge_bob: @iGotSpots, i will consider it thanx
iGotSpots: lol they are expensive
iGotSpots: well im out, will try to stop by more often, have fun talking shit about me again ;)
iGotSpots: peace yo
sponge_bob: haha cu
DigiCube: Bye
Icefrag: Digicube u can't sell me a 500 Cube for 11k ?
Icefrag: sorry for 110k
DigiCube: Too low
Libertymind: what about the rest of us who paid market price
Libertymind: got my buy orders down waiting to be filled too
Libertymind: i havent got one orphan yet
Icefrag: i waiting too
DigiCube: Make it like 200k and I'd think about it
RiddleGiggle182: what is this ?
stabycroc;_)>: @Finch, admin reckons those emojis 2 big, but i can resize them for u mob if needed
Finch: @stabycroc;_)>, add them to a ticket, who knows it might just get added
stabycroc;_)>: & Xrdn still on red list ?
stabycroc;_)>: @Finch, yea done that with the trash caqn emoji, but i think it should be 25x25, not 20x20
Finch: asked the tech team, i think they will remove it soon
stabycroc;_)>: all good ty m8
Finch: then lets see how the trash can emoji goes first
stabycroc;_)>: yip, il do others for site if they send me link to emojis they want rezied
sponge_bob: AX rocks guys
Acp: download one of the acp wallets with lighting fast sync built into the wallets youll be sure to be able to check all three out
infernoman: hey bumbacoin ;) lol
infernoman: I sent got another version of the wallet up there for mac. Hopefully its properly linked now
Digital Credits:
Acp: @DigiCube,
DigiCube: Hello....
bumbacoin: @infernoman, hiya
maxin: go scrt, acp, ams and 1337, go
DigiCube: Added a small FAQ section for a lot of questions I've been getting about the StakeStick: http://freestaking.com/stakestick/ If you have viewed this page before, press F5
MystPhysX: Only upto 8GB? If it's SDHC it should support upto 32GB.
Acp: @Digital Credits, hey hows your burn going?
DigiCube: It might be, I will have to check. I haven't used any external cards on it yet personally
xgen98: from 600sat to 10k
xgen98: GCR glorius days its been repeated again, so yummy .num num
m3rt1x: guys seriously!!!6k sat for CD?a giveaway coin?
m3rt1x: sell @200 before it's too late
DigiCube: CUBE making some moves
Digital Credits: @DigiCube, I'm so jelly of CUBE, how do you do it?
Digital Credits: I'm guessing it your high stake rate.
Digital Credits: @Acp, Burn so going smoothly so far. A few stupid people burning the coin right away. Why they don't mine and stake it to genarate more SPACE and then dump it on the last day is beyond me. In anycase, I'm sure the bulk of the dump will be on DEC 30.
Digital Credits: I mean, I hold out hope that most people have a brain. But the day one burns have me questioning that.
DigiCube: grow some balls and burn some cube
DigiCube: dooooo ittttt!!!
Digital Credits: Again, Digital Credits is now burning Spacecoin. We are exchanging them for many times their value. See this post for more details: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1254272.0
Digital Credits: @DigiCube, burning a coin under active development is dumb. We would only be giving you our value.
Digital Credits: Some burn coin DEVS might be dumb, But that's not me.
bumbacoin: woot
Digital Credits: We only burn dead coins
DigiCube: duh
DigiCube: thats the point lol
bumbacoin: deadish
bumbacoin: ?
Digital Credits:
Digital Credits: @bumbacoin, The creator of our MAC Wallet. If it's buggy blame him, lol
bumbacoin: i made it extra buggy just for you
bumbacoin: comes with free cockroaches
Digital Credits: I have had no complaints, so I guess that means you rock
bumbacoin: lol. i'm not really sure how many people use mac wallets.
bumbacoin: a few at least though ..
captain jack pero: eg spacecoin
DigiCube: It will bring you a lot of attention if you do it....
butcherboss: BRUN CUBE!!!
butcherboss: BURN*
butcherboss: please burn cube
Digital Credits: lol, never gonna happen
Digital Credits: ask BARR to do it, they seem to love burning active coins at their own expense. I'm not that dumb.
DigiCube: CUBE might break $100k market cap soon....
m3rt1x: told about CD!!!!
m3rt1x: @DigiCube, why will that happen?
DigiCube: Well the newest thing I'm working on now is http://freestaking.com/stakestick/
Digital Credits: So it looks like over 20k Spacecoin has been burned allready. I'm kind of surprised that number is so high. Please keep in mind that you have till the 30th of December to burn this coin. Mine it, stake it, and dump it on the last day. That will maximize your profit. We are burning SPACE at many times it's value and that exchange rate will not change. Meanwhile the value of Digital Credits could go up, be smart, maximize your profit.
DigiCube: Here's the thread if you want to see everything we have so far in our first month https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1211692
m3rt1x: @DigiCube, looks interesting
m3rt1x: will be watching
m3rt1x: DCR is about to be delisted due to low vo
m3rt1x: low vol
m3rt1x: CD @ 1sat
m3rt1x: soon
m3rt1x: hehe
m3rt1x: looking at the sell orders just makes you laugh
bumbacoin: i hope you've dumped already
m3rt1x: 5949-1000-500-200-100-
m3rt1x: never bought
m3rt1x: hehe
m3rt1x: will buy at 1 sat though
m3rt1x: but haven't placed order yet
m3rt1x: a giveaway coin's first hours on exchange are always fun
m3rt1x: Happy rtrading guys
Digital Credits:
Surume: wow i just realize that CUBE mooning glad i bought some at 100k sat
Icefrag: Surume, at what price?
DigiCube: Hope you were staking them
tan625747: 0.02btc give me
tan625747: 18yASNhSiVsjTLmLD6LXRCPVJdpGWamVen
tan625747 ignored by DigiCube
tan625747 ignored by MystPhysX
Bawaler: Lyrabar (LYB) official pool upgraded, new network hashrate record 1GH/s. All LYB resources at http://lyrabar.com/
tan625747 ignored by Valdez