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dextronomous: almost nothing on friday zero dinero haha
ZeroDinero: Always happy to help
DEA: One tip : WOC , You_pump is on it
vote GlideSEC: good buy support on icash
robboe: 10K
domi: stop tips- start giveway
ZeroDinero: Almost forgot Icash, depending on dev, could see single digits already today
Ladang[GALAU]: https://c-cex.com/?p=ldoge-usd
marcous: https://bittrex.com/Market/?MarketName=BTC-UCOIN
hasemberg: 10k
marcous: )
ZeroDinero: https://bittrex.com/Market/?MarketName=BTC-AnyShitCoin
MasterChang: that next asset glidesec is going to absolutely moon when it gets added here
MasterChang: like CELL did
vote GlideSEC: trolls
vote GlideSEC: i am glidesec dev
vote GlideSEC: hahahahah jk jk
MasterChang: oh
vote GlideSEC: i just a holder
MasterChang: no your not
MasterChang: there is no dev it has 2 owners
MasterChang: and about 5 investors
vote GlideSEC: yeah am
MasterChang: its got a bright future
MasterChang: i dont * with youu
MasterChang: im hungry
MasterChang: i wish soeone made me fairy bread
MasterChang: peasants
A_Troll: Someone looking for me?
Dnicholls: @MasterChang, no thats for girls
Dnicholls: no
A_Troll: Someone put a big buy order on Icash, I need to bail. Of it's big enough and the right price I'll even toss in the hidden premine
DEA: WOC buybacl, SMAC buyback, love it
Vote for your favorite coin to be listed: https://c-cex.com/?id=vote
Wowor: Lot of TROLL
Dragan_Trollovich: Yes, there is
xrn: iCash to the moon ?
Dragan_Trollovich: @xrn, how is that going to happen? Dev won't even disclose max supply
el diablo: markets are verry slow at the moment
Dragan_Trollovich: Has anyone prior to Icash heard of a coin being released, gone to exchanges, traded for days, and no one seems to care that we don't know the max supply.
cryptowest: i pump
midou14: selfi / btc exchange !
xrn: @Dragan_Trollovich, this is only joke ;)
loszhor: https://c-cex.com/?p=10k-dash
cryptowest: i pump my benis
el diablo: ucoin pump incoming
Kleenex: yes
Dragan_Trollovich: Crypto dev,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIasr2AiyZ0
el diablo: @Dragan_Trollovich, loooooooooooooool
vade74: hehe
vade74: nice vid
midou14: https://c-cex.com/?p=slfi-btc
ZeroDinero: @Dragan_Trollovich, Hey, I think that is IGotSpots
ZeroDinero: FYI, Icash dev was online briefly today, did not post any answers, and Is back offline
el diablo: did the price on icash dump cos im trying to sell 200k
ZeroDinero: Don't think so, but yesterday was the exit.Today is bagholders day
el diablo: what happened to icash??
el diablo: look at them buy books its dead
MasterChang: icash looking bad
MasterChang: no news from dev about max coin supply
MasterChang: rejected by bittrex also
el diablo: it is
el diablo: verry bad
MasterChang: oh well next coin
ZeroDinero: lol, what did I say hours ago here? single digits today
MasterChang: yup
MasterChang: well it was just a complete clone of darkcoin
MasterChang: dev diddnt even do the design
MasterChang: or wallets, they were done for him
MasterChang: has no coding skill
el diablo: il buy for 1 sat
MasterChang: soon as that buy at 45sat drops, 1sat incoming
ZeroDinero: @MasterChang, agree, but which shitcoin?
CryptoGuppy: @MasterChang, Funny how fast you do 180 degrees when it comes to your opinion on a coin
MasterChang: well that depends on wether i own 20% of the supply still or not
ZeroDinero: lol
CryptoGuppy: Yeah, yeah, yeah... It is hard to believe that anything you say is even remotely truthfull at this point.
el diablo: i had 2%
CryptoGuppy: But if that is the kind of trader you want to be....
ZeroDinero: any suggestions for a coin to trade? Minimum requirements: Not broken, dev not missing or insane
CryptoGuppy: That kind of narrows it down a lot
Valdez_Santiago: Roaring Guppy on his ra ra ra
ZeroDinero: yes it does. Do you know of any?
el diablo: now icash dev comes back lol
CryptoGuppy: @Valdez_Santiago, Hey Valdez
CryptoGuppy: @ZeroDinero, Are you really looking for trading tips in the trollbox? Oh boy.
ZeroDinero: lol
el diablo: massive dump on icash hahahahh as i planned that was all me
Valdez_Santiago: Hiya.MR.G
el diablo: i own 99.9% of market
CryptoGuppy: And I am Snowwhite, but nobody seems to believe that either....
el diablo: @CryptoGuppy, go to sleep then you scammer you still owe me 1.2btc and i want it back
CryptoGuppy: Nice one
CryptoGuppy: The Fud-O-Meter is going berserk!
Creep: Buy 10k o.O low prize and go up
Creep: https://c-cex.com/?p=10k-btc
CryptoGuppy: I mean, off the charts!
CryptoGuppy: @Creep, Nice buy support!
Mick Ghee: anyone mining unreal
Valdez_Santiago: @Mick Ghee, I might I'm just resetting my titan. Is it worthwhile in your opinion?
DEA: ICASH - WOC on Bittrex soon
cabul: when ?
Lordpiccolo: come on, ICN nearly here!
Lordpiccolo: @Valdez_Santiago, Valdez!
Valdez_Santiago: Piccolo
Lordpiccolo: I saw the people in ILT got a bum deal
klaasje: @Lordpiccolo, so its like ANAL :P
Lordpiccolo: @klaasje, you following me lol
klaasje: @Lordpiccolo, Neh, i got multiple windows of exchanges open
Mick Ghee: @klaasje, ftw
NL-007: ILT new fork
NL-007: lol
NL-007: the never ending scam story
Support: More than 30 people in #c-cex-exchange channel on freenode! Join!
GreatOrchid: ney colette whats up
Colette: @GreatOrchid, GreatOrchid
Colette: @GreatOrchid, Relax and you
GreatOrchid: just woke up
GreatOrchid: seeing what damage is happening
GreatOrchid: have you tryed the irc
xrn: hehe @NL-007 i have 16k good for me :P
klaasje: @Mick Ghee, i always hope but never wil :P
Mick Ghee: PARTY on Wayne!!
Mick Ghee: C-CEX-256-165D5573ACEF4AD78A19D02D6D4409E86CFB6AC85D0728BF
Mick Ghee: Party on Garth!!
Mick Ghee: C-CEX-BTC-97EF02068ADE6436AC48D0B5AA6EF6BC0908E5CAACB9BDE8
Mick Ghee: i wanna party till i drop
Mick Ghee: C-CEX-CRAVE-959483A8DABCFA36E4526CA1F86A48D839896A74B2282125
1: party time excellent
Mick Ghee: Party on U cexy people
Mick Ghee: C-CEX-CRAVE-345C5945F4D712BA94AD97138F363DD161C6D45B0BA92DA7